Captain Lee Disappoints Below Deck Fans By Promoting Gambling

Captain Lee Disappoints Below Deck Fans By Promoting Gambling

Below Deck fans are shocked and disappointed to see Captain Lee Rosbach endorsing online casino gambling on his social media, saying he’s hypocritically promoting destructive addiction. A few days ago, Captain Lee posted a promotional video on Instagram telling his fans to try sports betting platform Draft Kings’ online casino games. Fans were disgusted to see their beloved OG captain taking money to promote a highly addictive behavior like gambling, especially since his one son, Joshua Rosbach, died of an overdose linked to his drug addiction. Since his son’s tragic death, Captain Lee advocates and donates to help drug addicts in America.

Captain Lee promoting online casino game for sports betting platform Draft Kings

Below Deck star Captain Lee promoting online casino gambling for sports betting platform Draft Kings (Instagram).

“Hey guys, Captain Lee here. You know, there’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing when I’m off charter. But lately I’ve teamed up with Draft Kings to make my time more enjoyable. Now you have to check out Draft Kings casino. They’ve got over 300 online casino games to choose from, like slots, black jack, roulette, and so much more. I can really play anywhere, right from the palm of my hand with their new app,” Captain Lee said in the paid promo ad also posted on his Twitter. In the last moment of the video a caption in small print provides a number for problem gamblers.

Captain Lee posted the paid gambling endorsement shortly after Below Deck season 10‘s episode four aired, in which he announced he’d be leaving early due to nerve pain tied to his recovery from a spinal surgery.

Below Deck Fans Can’t Believe Captain Lee Is Promoting Addictive Gambling After Son Died From Drug Addiction

Captain Lee Healthy Riding His Motorcycle in Florida With His Wife Mary Anne (Instagram).

A healthy Captain Lee riding his motorcycle in Florida with his wife Mary Anne in October (Instagram).

“I really respect you, Captain Lee, but isn’t that promoting an addictive habit to people ? It’s maybe not the best partnership. Wish you all the best – happy holidays,” said one fan on Instagram.

“This is really sad to see. I respect and love you so much but I’ve had family members suffer with gambling addiction and it nearly killed them. Gambling is not fun or cool. It is predatory, toxic and manipulative and can cause pain for the person involved and their whole family. Please read some gamblers’ stories, you’ll see they are normal everyday people who started out on little bonuses or incentives like this. Please reconsider what you are promoting,” another fan warned in the comments.

“Watched Below Deck and it tugged at my heart strings your son’s situation. I actually felt the pain it caused you and your family. How can you be alright with promoting another addiction? Time to bail I’m afraid. I can’t and wont be a part of others promoting people’s misfortune and heart ache. I’m out,” said another disappointed fan.

The comments were overwhelmingly negative on both social media posts promoting online gambling.

Despite Below Deck fans being disappointed in Captain Lee, they’re still hoping he returns on Below Deck season 11 instead of retires. He recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live where he told Andy Cohen he’s healthy again and hits the gym regularly. Captain Lee is also ready to lead a new crew to film the next season of Below Deck but is waiting for show production to give him the greenlight. Fans also hope he has second thoughts promoting addictive products like gambling and alcohol in the future.

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