Matt & Colleen Love Is Blind Memes (Most Popular)

Matt & Colleen Love Is Blind Memes (Most Popular)

A lot of Love Is Blind season 3 fans aren’t exactly showing admiration for couple Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed‘s rocky relationship. Fans are judging their fights that Matt euphemistically calls “stir ups”. The fights stem from his jealousy complex after his first wife cheated on him. Despite the heavy material, some of the fans’ Matt and Colleen Love Is Blind memes are pretty spot on.

Matt previously married his childhood sweet heart. After 10 years together she got pregnant with another man’s child and abandoned Matt. Some fans believe there must be a lot more to the story from the side of Matt’s ex wife. They’re speculating Matt was part of the problem and was potentially abusive (which isn’t mentioned at all in the show). But fans also need to remember that the show Love Is Blind is heavily scripted and edited. So the drama of Matt and Colleen’s relationship may be staged or played up.

Other fans argue professional ballerina Colleen wasn’t considerate of Matt’s past trauma. She picked him third after getting rejected by Brennon Lemieux and Cole Barnett. Some fans think she just wanted to continue on the show for fame. She then flirted with Cole at the Malibu ranch pool party. However, she definitely didn’t deserve Matt freaking out when she went with the other ladies of the cast to the club after telling a drunken Matt twice on the phone where she was going.

Now that we’ve gone over the main drama of their relationship, here are fans’ most popular memes of Colleen and Matt.

Colleen & Matt Likely Got Married On Love Is Blind Season 3

Love Is Blind season 3 fans enjoy throwing tomatoes from the peanut gallery. But they’ll have to final judgment on their relationship until the finale and reunion episodes, which will undoubtedly provide more material from Matt and Colleen Love Is Blind memes. Perhaps Matt and Colleen’s relationship is “deeper” and stronger than fans thought. Clues suggest Colleen and Matt got married at the end of season 3. If they did, the onslaught of memes from fans will be relentless.

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