Sophie Won (Aparna’s Astrologer): All You Need To Know

Sophie Won (Aparna's Astrologer): All You Need To Know

When outspoken ex-attorney Aparna Shewakramani couldn’t see eye to eye with matchmaker Sima Taparia, she turned to astrologer Sophie Won. We see Sophie multiple times throughout Indian Matchmaking Season 2, but never for more than a few seconds at a time. We never even hear her last name, she’s just presented as proof Aparna is charting her own course. Who is Sophie Won, and is Aparna still working with her as part of her journey to find love? Let’s find out.

Sophie Won Maintains A Very Select Client List

According to Sophie’s website, only 33 people are able to receive Sophie Won’s guidance. A session is quite pricey, too, at $444 per consultation! No wonder Sophie likes Aparna so much!

Sophie Won is a Vedic Astrologer

Sophie Won practices her craft in India and the Unites States. Pronounced “jyotish”, Vedic astrology has multiple similarities and differences to Western astrology. There are twelve signs in both traditions, and you’ll hear lots of talk about planets in retrograde from practitioners of both traditions. However, Vedic astrology focuses a lot more on paths, both of planets and your own life path. It also uses more astronomy and math than Western astrology.

Sophie Won was born on July 4

In 2022, Sophie entered her 32nd year on this earth. She’s an extremely determined, loyal, and focused Cancer. In the Vedic system, this makes her a karka, a water sign ruled by the moon.

Sophie Won Shares a Deep Friendship with Aparna

You can find a positive comment from the prickly Aparna on almost all of Sophie Won’s Instagram posts. Considering how vocal Aparna was with her dislikes, this is quite the accomplishment. There are many comments from her satisfied customers as well, showing that she cultivates a personal connection through her work.

Sophie Takes A Personal Approach to Astrology

Sophie Won clearly loves to laugh and though she has a professional demeanor she will pepper her posts with jokes and relatable statements. References to Beyonce, reconnecting with exes, Parks and Rec memes and last year’s blockbuster Dune make the often confusing parts of astrology relatable.

Sophie is a Believer In Manifesting

Sophie Won shares her entire manifesting ritual with the world in this post. It’s very complex, but according to her, her appearance on Indian Matchmaking can be chalked up to this ritual.

Sophie Won Doesn’t Shy Away from Politics

She even has an explanation for Roe V. Wade being overturned here. It shows she doesn’t shy away from controversy, but is also focused on providing support for real life events.

Family Is Important for Sophie

Sophie takes time to honor her ancestors. She has some classic photos of her parents and siblings in her posts, and isn’t afraid to show them prominently.

Everything Is Positive for Sophie

Let’s be honest: not everyone believes in this astrology stuff. In fact, Sophie’s advice wasn’t any more helpful for Aparna than Sima Aunty’s was as Aparna is still currently single. However, that can’t be entirely blamed on Sophie, considering who the client is. Honestly, Sophie Won’s pleasant personality and sunny but wise demeanor is probably what attracts her clients back to her.

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