Indian Matchmaking: What Happened To Aparna After The Show

Indian Matchmaking: What Happened To Aparna After The Show

Most of Indian Matchmaking‘s participants have either been forgotten or gone into hiding. We still don’t know what the story is with Pradhyuman Maloo and Ashima Chauhaan, for example. They were the only couple to get married, and it’s doubtful whether they are still together. Some celebrities like Bobby Seagull are still commenting away on his castmates Instagram posts, but he was famous before the show. Some, like Vikash Mishra, Nadia Jagessar, and Vineh Vasani will never recover from being villains. Others, like Aashay Shah and Viral Joshi, went through humiliating breakups. Yet one contestant remains as the only one to successfully challenge Sima Taparia and survive.

Of course, we’re talking about Aparna Shewakramani, who is the only person from the show who really raised their profile. Thanks to her book and many speaking engagements, Aparna is single but thriving. Let’s dig into what happened to Aparna after appearing on Indian Matchmaking.

Indian Matchmaking: What Happened To Aparna Post-Show? Influencing Everywhere

Aparna living her best life, recently vacationing in Mexico

Aparna living her best life, recently vacationing in Mexico (Instagram).

The last time Aparna appeared on our small screen was August 10, 2022, the air date of Indian Matchmaking season 2. Since then there’s been almost a year of content on Aparna’s Instagram and we’ll just hit the highlights. Firstly there’s been 38-year-old Aparna’s consistent stance against Sima Aunty’s standards-lowering message that’s been the subject of so much controversy. She’s built friendships with many cast members, and been consistently supportive of the participants on the show’s sister franchise, Jewish Matchmaking. A comment from Aparna can be found underneath a surprising number of Jewish Matchmaking cast members’ posts. Aparna has had or continues to have sponsorship deals with companies like Weight Watchers, Able Fashion, and Quicklly Indian Grocers. Other companies include Desi Favours, Pure Origins Coffee, Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises.

She also has participated in New York Fashion Week and that event’s showcase of South Asian fashion. She’s also connected with companies in India, such as Elements Truffles, Caratlane Global Jewelry, and Falguni Shane Peacock India. Events Aparna has participated in include being a judge for Miss America 2023 and the launch of Camelback Productions. This is a South Asian-funded and founded film company, with comedian Lilly Singh as one of the founders. Remember that Lilly and Aparna did team up for an episode of Lilly’s YouTube comedy show where Lilly parodied Sima Aunty. Her book, “She’s Unlikeable”, was selected as part of the SXSW Bookstore and she spoke at SXSW in March. She was in NYC for the February premiere of “The Romantics”, a Bollywood feature directed by Indian Matchmaking director Smriti Mundhra.

Indian Matchmaking: More Recent Engagements For Aparna

Aparna enjoying a cruise as an Instagram influencer

Aparna enjoying a cruise as an Instagram influencer (Instagram).

In the last two months, things have gotten even busier for Aparna. Although Aparna is best known for being on Netflix she attended the birthday of Paramount+ Streaming Strategy SVP P. Sean Gupta. Could Aparna be jumping over to a whole new streaming platform? Then, she headed over to GW University in D.C. to talk about mental health awareness for South Asian Heritage Celebration. She then headed up to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for a TED conference. Next she joined fashion designer Veronica Beard for her #makeithappen series. According to one of the posts, she was asked about performing some matchmaking herself! Maybe we’ll see Aparna in her own matchmaking show? Finally, Aparna appeared at an exhibition for NYC artist Maria Qamar at the Richard Taittinger Gallery. Fittingly for Aparna, the comic-book style paintings satirize traditional Indian tropes.

If Aparna is in any kind of relationship there’s no evidence from her socials. In one of her most recent posts, she wrote, “This mermaid will NOT be trading in her voice for a prince.” It’s not clear whether Aparna will ever get married, but if you ask her, there’s nothing wrong with never settling. A reminder here that Aparna also broke up with a career that she didn’t like. She used to be an attorney, but according to Aparna’s LinkedIn she hasn’t practiced since 2019.

Indian Matchmaking: What Happened To Aparna? Some Choice Quotes

During season 1 of Indian Matchmaking, Aparna was often quoted for her long list of dislikes and other clever expressions. Recently, on the Make It Happen Series, Aparna said, “We force tired tropes onto confident, driven, assertive women. That has to change.” On her own efforts as a matchmaker, Aparna said “Really, truly listen to the person you’re setting up. To their needs, wants, and values.” And, on the recent Mother’s Day, Aparna posted a touching tribute to her mother, which is something she always does. “Thank you to my beloved mamma who gave me the greatest gift of all,” Aparna said. “She believed in me.” Aparna said that her dedication to her mother was her favorite section of the book.

Aparna seems to have found her niche as an influencer for South Asian communities worldwide and for women in general. She is grateful to the show for changing her life and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

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