Indian Matchmaking’s Vikash: Everything To Know

Indian Matchmaking's Vikash: Everything To Know

Dr. Vikash Mishra quickly went from “Vivacious Vikash” to “Vilified Vikash” on Indian Matchmaking season 3. He had a ridiculous list of demands for a partner and constantly rejected women who seemed to meet those demands. He eventually got over himself and ended the season excited to keep seeing his third prospect, attorney Janki Kaneria. Vacuous Vikash committed the worst sin you could commit on this show: being average and demanding your partner be a 10, or 11/10. His physician status is the one thing separating him from Vinesh Vasani from season 2. He also hasn’t disappeared after fans of the show have blasted him on Vikash’s IG. Let’s take a close look at Indian Matchmaking‘s Vikash.

Indian Matchmaking‘s Vikash: Everything To Know- Age, Travels, Medical License, Family, Birthday

Vikash is a major foodie, and his IG is covered with delights and drinks from all over the world. His location tags show that he’s been to the Caribbean, Rome, Barcelona, and American cities like Washington DC, Portland and Seattle. We know that Vikash is a doctor, but his workplace is at Sutter Davis Hospital in Davis, CA where he works in the ER. According to Vikash’s LinkedIn, the 41-year-old graduated from the George Washington School of Medicine. He also practices at physician-led healthcare group, Vituity. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of his IG, you can see he’s been practicing since 2014.

Vikash’s mom, niece Jaya, and nephew Akash frequently appear in his photos. There is another white haired gentleman in family photos who might be his father, but he is not named. Vikash’s birthday is hard to find! You need to find him tagged in an IG photo from one of his physician colleague friends. The date is April 24, which makes sense as he is a very specific and single-minded Taurus. You can also find a pic of Vikash with Anjali Mayanaskar, the wealth manager who Vikash broke things off with after three dates. It seems Vikash and Anjali are still on decent terms from the mutual comments below the pic.

Indian Matchmaking‘s Vikash: Everything To Know- Are Vikash and Janki Still Together?

After things fell apart with Anjali due to her lack of Hindu language skills, Vikash got a second chance with Namrata Shah. However, Vikash was one of many participants who didn’t feel “the spark” with a partner they otherwise felt good with. Namrata has gone on Reddit to talk about her experience. She says she was introduced to Vikash ten minutes before the shoot. Also, it seems as though she asked for a second date with Vikash, but now she says that she does not want any more chances with him.

So, how about Vikash and Janki? At the end of Vikash’s arc, they talked about how the long distance between them would be an obstacle. Janki lives and works as a public defender in Charlotte, North Carolina. This puts her on the opposite side of the country from Vikash. To his credit, Vikash did say he would relocate for the right person and that where there was a will, there was a way. Janki seemed to reciprocate these feelings, and it seems as though they are still talking. We know this because Janki and Vikash are following each other. It is not clear how far they’ve taken their relationship. However Janki still has a picture with Vikash in the vineyard at their wine tasting as an IG story.

In conclusion, though Vikash was an extremely difficult client for Sima Taparia, it seems that he’s finally found someone who meets his standards.

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