Below Deck’s Fired Alissa Faces Fans Listing Job Infractions

Below Deck's Fired Alissa Faces Fans Listing Job Infractions

Below Deck season 10‘s Alissa Humber got fired by Captain Sandy Yawn on episode 13 for showing too much disrespect towards superyacht St. David‘s head honcho. The final straw was Second Stewardess Alissa addressing Captain Sandy as “Sandy”. The latest display of disrespect came after Alissa was already brought to the bridge to discuss her condescending tone towards the captain. Some Below Deck fans caught on to Alissa’s terrible attitude towards her co-workers and superiors right from the get-go however. Despite Camille Lamb’s lazy work ethic overshadowing Alissa’s flaws, some fans were dragging Alissa for being a bully. Now with a fired Alissa getting kicked off the boat, here are all the work infractions she committed before finally getting canned.

Below Deck Fans Highlight Fired Alissa’s Worst Work Violations

Alissa trying to hit on Ross in front of Katie on Below Deck season 10

Alissa trying to hit on Ross in front of Katie on Below Deck season 10 (Bravo).

Viewers of Below Deck season 10 are mostly rejoicing in Alissa getting fired for all the workplace infractions she committed throughout the first six charters.

“Alissa is the worst type of person: answers everything someone says with that condescending, mocking tone. Hate that type of person more than literally any other personality type. I’d rather someone be a complete asshole to my face than give me a fake smile and be all, ‘Oh, of course, dearie. I never, ever meant to offend you, sweetie,'” said on Below Deck Reddit user. Alissa ticked off Captain Sandy when she was caught sunbathing alongside Hayley De Sola Pinto while co-worker deck-stew Tyler Walker was still finishing interior work.

“While Alissa and her attitude are craptastic, what the hell kind of leadership rewards poor work ethic such as using your cell phone in guest accessible areas on charter with putting that person in charge of dinner service? Fraser is a terrible chief stew,” said another Below Deck fan. Chief Stewardess Fraser Olender caught Alissa using her phone during work hours while charter guests were onboard. But many fans have pointed out how Fraser lacks basic leadership skills and has let Alissa get away with murder throughout the season, emboldening her arrogance.

“Alissa’s doing her best to dethrone Camille as the worst stew of the season. My God, her attitude has gone completely down the toilet the past couple of episodes. Before she was low-key snarky at times, usually toward Camille, but now she’s basically showing attitude to everyone else,” said another fan on Reddit. “She’s a spoiled, entitled brat. And worse, she knows how to play the victim whenever she feels attacked.”

Alissa Dismisses Criticism On Watch What Happens Live Before Firing Aired

Captain Sandy firing second stew Alissa Humber from Below Deck season 10

Captain Sandy firing second stew Alissa Humber from Below Deck season 10 (Bravo).

Another major no-no Alissa committed was verbally arguing with Camille in front of charter guests. The two had a whole blow up while charter guests looked on. On top of that, she did trash talking about Captain Sandy, which the Below Deck Med star overheard. Speaking of trash, Alissa kept calling the deck crew to take out the garbage because it’s a job she thinks she’s above. She even said as much on Watch What Happens Live to Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen, saying she’s a lady so she doesn’t take out the garbage.

On WWHL two fans asked Alissa what she thought about Hayley saying maybe Alissa was the problem, not Camille, and that she preferred Camille’s personality over Alissa’s.

“Umm, yeah. So it’s easy to beat someone when they’re down and I was asking her to clean up our cabin, which it was her turn, and obviously she didn’t want to clean. So that’s my thing. I think I was one of the only people who tried to uphold the standards, interior-wise, on motor yacht St. David and it’s close to perfect, so…” Alissa said, dodging the question.

She also said she doesn’t follow any codes when asked if she thought she broke girl code by fooling around with Bosun Ross McHarg. Deckhand Katie Glaser was clearly trying to date him, but Alissa didn’t care and kept hitting on Ross.

Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby has come out and said that Alissa bullied Camille from day one. Meanwhile Alissa claimed Camille showed racist behavior in a now-deleted Instagram post. One things for certain, if Alissa shows up for Below Deck season 10’s reunion there’s bound to be fireworks. Meanwhile, experienced yachtie Chief Stewardess Leigh-Ann Smith replaces Alissa as the new stew.

Alissa with friends in Miami after appearing on Below Deck season 10

Alissa with friends in Miami after appearing on Below Deck season 10 (Instagram).

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