All Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guests & Tip Money

All Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guests & Tip Money

Below Deck season 10 charter guests have been pretty well-behaved and generous to the crew thus far on the show. The Below Deck season 10 cast are on track to make more money from charter guests than any previous season if they get similar tips to the first two charters. The crew made $121,000 USD in combined tip money in just five charters. In comparison, Below Deck Med season 7’s cast made $185,500 in total tips over 9 charters, or on average about $20,600 in total tip money per charter. Here are all the Below Deck season 10 charter guests and the tip money they gave. We’ve also found some of Below Deck season 10 charter guests who will be featured on upcoming episodes of the show.

Some of the bigger names chartering the superyacht this season throughout Saint Lucia include retired tennis superstar Gigi Fernandez, pro motocross racer Keith Victor Hoogstad and his pro weightlifting wife Jolynn Hoogstad, as well as divorcee NYC real estate agent Janine Acquafredda.

Below Deck Season 10 Primary Charter Guest Peng Lim & Friends Gave A $25,000 Tip

Who Is Peng Lim, Charter Guest From Below Deck Season 10

Primary charter guest and tax professional Peng Lim and friends on Below Deck season 10 (Bravo).

The first Primary Charter Guest Peng Lim celebrated his birthday in Saint Lucia alongside friends. The American originally from Thailand got too drunk on the first night and puked at the table, not his finest moment. Peng, from Salt Lake City, Utah, didn’t let one bad moment stop him from having a blast the rest of the charter, however. The owner of The Accounting Factor had his friends, men and women, dressing up in bunny outfits and dancing the night away on the second night.

Peng Lim and other charter guests gave the crew a $25,000 tip, which Captain Lee Rosbach calculated made everyone $2,100 apiece. That means they had two hidden crew members on top of the ten on-camera cast members on Below Deck season 10.

A group of Below Deck charter guests like Peng Lim and friends have to pay $40,000 to stay on the superyacht for three days.

ER Doctor Charter Guests Gave $23,000 In Tip Money To Crew

Jewel Jones with other ER doctor charter guests on Below Deck season 10

Doctors Pearl Michelle and Jewel Jones with other ER doctor charter guests on Below Deck season 10 (Instagram).

Primary Charter Guest Dr Pearl Michelle and her fellow ER doctor friends she met while in residency had a blast on superyacht St. David. They thoroughly enjoyed getting drunk and forgetting about the high stress of working in emergency rooms the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Captain Lee also ate with the ladies, while they enjoyed hitting on the “Stud of the Sea”. It was his last supper before informing the crew he’d be leaving early due nerve pain from spinal surgery. Things got a bit hairy when Dr Hollie Sexton Sandlin pulled Dr Jewel Jones’ wig. But overall, the ladies behaved themselves while getting rip roaring drunk.

The ladies had a great time and gave a $23,000 tip. Captain Lee told the crew everyone made $1,769, which translates to the tip being split 13 ways. Either show productions editors did the math wrong on the first tip or another hidden crew member joined for the second charter. Perhaps Captain Lee’s replacement was already onboard for his last charter.

Primary Charter Guest Gigi Fernandez & Partner Jane Geddes Gave A $31,000 Tip

Who Is Charter Guest Gigi Fernandez From Below Deck Season 10

Tennis pro and Below Deck primary charter guest Gigi Fernandez, her partner Jane Geddes, as well as Amanda, Jane, Tiffany, April, Andrew, Amy & Colette (Bravo).

Primary Charter Guest and tennis gold medalist Gigi Fernandez and her partner Jane Geddes had an all-ladies charter on Below Deck season 10. Gigi held a tennis clinic to develop the tennis skill of some of her clients. The charter guests also traveled along the coast of Saint Lucia to see the Pitons and various locations. one of the guests also got stung by a jellyfish.

Gigi and her friends left an extremely generous tip of $31,000 or $2,384 for each crew member.

Primary Charter Guest Karan, Family & Friends Gave A $20,000 Tip

Meet Charter Guests Karan & Payal From Below Deck Season 10

Charter guests Karan, his wife Kamna, sister Payal, Rahul, Vivek and other friends on the trip got dragged by Below Deck fans for being rude to the crew. Primary Charter Guest Kamna, an entrepreneur based in Virginia, and his friends got burned by fans for smoking their cigars backwards. They also repeatedly trashed Chef Rachel Hargrove‘s food, even though she trained to cook Indian food in India.

Although money can’t buy you class or happiness, it did get this group a beautiful trip on a superyacht in the Caribbean. Some crew members and fans predicted a pretty low tip similar to Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guests Erica Rose and her husband Chuck‘s paltry $6,500 tip. However, this group of nightmare obnoxious charter guests gave an average tip of $20,000, or $1530 per crew member.

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Rahul and Karan smoke their cigars backwards

Primary Charter Guest Adam Sax & Pregnant Wife Louisa’s Charter

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Adam Sax, Louisa, Bianca, Alessandro, Jonathan, Imogen & Justin

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Adam Sax, Louisa, Bianca, Alessandro, Jonathan, Imogen & Justin (Instagram).

Canadian expat and tech entrepreneur Adam Sax and his pregnant wife Louisa enjoyed a yacht vacation with their closest friends. The wealthy Cayman Islands residents enjoyed their time on Below Deck season 10 when they chartered St. David on episodes nine and ten. They weren’t impressed with how slow service was due to interior being down a stew for most of the trip. Chef Rachel also failed to get out food and snacks for a pregnant Louisa, too. Despite Adam taking the crew to task with the “few hiccups” on service, this group of charter guests still tipped generously.

The crew made $22,000 in tips or each crew member made $1,833. So far cast members have made a total of $9,616 each from the charter season so far after five charters. Not a bad haul! In comparison, the Below Deck Adventure crew made $11,170 in tips each after seven charters.

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