BB 25: Blue Will Betray Jared If She Wins HOH

BB 25: Blue Will Betray Jared If She Wins HOH

Big Brother 25 went from predictable the first five weeks to complete chaos after Cameron Hardin‘s HOH reign. Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez were able to flip the house vote to blindside Izzy Gleicher. Fans thought Jared Fields, his mom Cirie Fields and Izzy were going to steamroll the house. Now their iron grip on the house is completely lost. Even Jared’s showmance girlfriend Blue Kim is planning to backstab him. Blue will betray Jared if she wins HOH she told other stunned houseguests.

While in a room with Matt Klotz and Jag Bains, Blue talked about her plan to get rid of Jared.

“He’s gonna take Cam out, and next week he can’t [bleeping] play. Dude, ok. I know I’ve been saying that I want to win. And [bleep] I wanted to win this one. But I need to win next week, and put his [bleep] on the [bleeping] block. Put Cirie’s [bleep] on the block. ‘Cause I’m done. I am done. But, will I show face this week and stay in the HOH room, yes [bursts out laughing],” Blue said.

Fans Don’t Believe Blue Will Betray Jared In Big Brother 25 If She Wins HOH

A lot of fans rolled their eyes at Blue claiming she’d backstab Jared. They think she’s just scared for herself now that alliances shifted and she doesn’t want to be the target on either side of the house.

Fans on Twitter/X said they think she’s acting.

So far Blue hasn’t spilled the secret that Cirie is Jared’s mom. However, while Jared is HOH that would probably be smart gameplay by Blue. Furthermore, while laying in the HOH room while Jared was away, she started a monologue to the live feeds which makes it sound like she really does want to backstab him.

“Maybe I’ll profess my love for him this week, too. If he wants to play, then girl, game on. Game on. It’s about to be a show,” Blue said about leading Jared on for another week. She then reiterated winning HOH next week and sending him packing. So, Blue’s plan to betray Jared looks to be legit.

Fans find Jared very demeaning and dismissive to Blue in their relationship. He doesn’t really listen to her and tries to boss her around. He also shamed Blue for her “body count” earlier in the game, too. Fans suspect Blue may be jilted by Jared still talking about his “person” or previous seven-year girlfriend outside the show, too.

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