Physical 100 S2: Quest One-on-One Death Match Winners, Losers & Rules

Physical 100 S2: Quest One-on-One Death Match Winners, Losers & Rules

Physical 100 season 2‘s Quest 1 renewed the one-on-one Death Match mission from the original season. However, this time the pre-quest 0 mission decided the ranking of all 100 contestants. The top 50 finishers got to decide in order who they wanted to compete against in the wrestling match for the ball. Although Physical 100 Underground didn’t show as many battles as season 1, there were still some epic matchups. Here’s a rundown of Quest 1’s Death Match winners, losers, rules, overall results and an unaired battle.

Physical 100 Season 2’s Death Match Quest 1’s Rules

Physical 100 season 2's Death Match Quest included three arenas: A, B, and C

Physical 100 season 2’s Death Match Quest included three arenas: A, B, and C (Netflix).

“Two contestants compete to take control of one ball within a time limit of three minutes. The number of arenas for the one-on-one Death Match will be three,” said the AI computer host. Instead of just two arenas, an additional one was added.

First, arena A showed a playground of sorts, with wooden polls, and a concrete ramp structure. Arena B was a shallow pool with a surrounding boundary of concrete deck. The final arena C offered an octagon cage similar to the UFC.

“Now I will be revealing the great privilege of the pre-quest mission. We will start from the first-place winner. Pick your opponent and the arena of your choice.”

Hong Beom-seok got to choose first, and wisely chose Lee Jang-jun from K-pop idol and rapper from Golden Child. Jang-jun put up a respectable fight, but he was no match for a seasoned athlete and ex firefighter like Beom-seok battling in arena A.

Death Match Winners And Losers Aired On Physical 100 Season 2

Next, MMA fighter Sim Yu-ri battled against American FBI agent Hunter Lee. They fought in arena C in the octagon cage and Yu-ri right out of the gate grabbed the ball and turned herself into a ball clinging it. As much as Hunter tried to rip the ball from Yu-ri he couldn’t beat her tenacity. He threw her around, flipped her over at one point, but she never gave in or released the ball in the three minute battle.

Here are all the rest of the results aired on the show:

  1. Hong Beom-seok versus Jang-jun winner: Hong Beom-seok
  2. Sim Yu-ri versus Hunter Lee winner: Sim Yu-ri
  3. Jung Dae-jin versus No Seung-hyuk winner: Jung Dae-jin
  4. Power Who Yami versus Jang Yoon-sung winner: Power Who Yami
  5. Kim Hyeong-kyu versus GPT winner: Kim Hyeong-kyu
  6. Kim Yeong-chan versus Kang Ki-jun winner: Kim Yeong-chan
  7. Jang Jun-hyeok versus Kang Seung-min winner: Jang Jun-hyeok
  8. Amotti versus Lee Kyu-ho winner: Amotti
  9. Chong Te-se versus Ju Sung-min winner: Chong Te-se
  10. Kim Do-hyeon versus Kim Min-ho winner: Kim Do-hyeon
  11. Kim Dong-hyun versus Emmanuel winner: Kim Dong-hyun
  12. Kim Min-su versus Hwang Chan-seob winner: Kim Min-su
  13. Chang Yong-heung versus Kim Hee-hyun winner: Chang Yong-heung
  14. Moo Tae-bum versus Joo Min-kyung Winner: Joo Min-kyung
  15. Justin Harvey versus Jeon Jong-hyuk Winner: Justin Harvey
  16. Kang Cheong-myeong versus. Yoon Han-jin Winner: Kang Cheong-myeong
  17. Seo Young-woo versus Lee Hyun-jin Winner: Seo Young-woo
  18. Kim Da-bi versus Kim Hye-bin Winner: Kim Da-bi
  19. Lee Won-hee versus Park Hee-jun Winner: Lee Won-hee
  20. Kang Young-seo versus Park Seung-hee Winner: Kang Young-seo
  21. Park Da-sol versus Heo Kyung-hee Winner: Park Da-sol
  22. Amber Yang versus Jung You-in Winner: Jung You-in
  23. Shin Soo-ji versus Park Ha-yan Winner: Park Ha-yan
  24. Park Yeon-su versus Lim Soo-jin Winner: Lim Soo-jin
  25. Go Min-jung versus Choi Soo-in Winner: Go Min-jung
  26. Lee Jae-yoon versus Kim Nam-wook Winner: Lee Jae-yoon

Death Match Results Not Included On The Show & Unaired Fight

Sadly 24 other Death Matches weren’t shown of quest 1, but Netflix did release two more epic battles. The one between Jung Ji-hyun (national wrestler and ranked 13 after the pre-quest) and number 30, Ahn Seong-hwan (food service CEO) didn’t disappoint. They had an epic battle that Netflix dropped on Friday and already has well over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Also, Netflix released the fight of CrossFitter Amber Yang and national swimmer Jung You-in (70th). You-in ended up taking it in a battle that went down to the wire.

Hopefully Netflix releases some more unaired first that fans would like to watch. For now, here are the rest of the winners’ results from season 2’s Death Match quest.

  1. Kim Ji-hyuk (National Rower)
  2. Andre Jin (National Rugby Player)
  3. Wi Sungoh (Trainer)
  4. Jang Sung-yeop (bodybuilder)
  5. Kim Dong-hyun (National Bobsledder)
  6. Jo Ha-rang (National Handball Player)
  7. Hwang Choong-won (Heavy Equipment CEO)
  8. Gibson (US Army Officer)
  9. Hong Daeun (Arborist)
  10. Eom Dae-hyun (National Parkourist)
  11. Lee Hyun-jung (Physical Education Teacher)
  12. Lee Jun-ha (American Football Player)
  13. Kim Ji-eun (National Track and Field Runner)
  14. Ham Young-jin (Police Officer)
  15. Seol Young-ho (MMA Fighter)
  16. Kim Ki-hyuk (Announcer)
  17. Lee Ho-yeon (Model)
  18. Kim Amu-kae (Trainer)
  19. Ko Jong-hun (Police Special Officer Operations)
  20. Cho Seong-bin (MMA Fighter)
  21. Ha Moon-kyoung (Handball Player)
  22. Park Woo-jin (Coast Guard)

Finally, here are the losers of death matches not shown:

  1. Ku Sung-hoe (Reserve Sergeant)
  2. Kim Woo-joo (Model)
  3. Son Young-seok (Office Worker)
  4. Knucks (Street Dancer)
  5. Kang Min-su (Bodybuilder)
  6. Jo Han (College Student)
  7. Lee Ye-ju (National Kurash Athlete)
  8. Lee Hyun-woo (Bodybuilder)
  9. Jeon Hee-jung (Stuntwoman)
  10. Ju-yang (fashion industry CEO)
  11. Ryu Si-hyun (Street-lifting Athlete)
  12. Sim Seong-eon (Nurse)
  13. Hwang Mun-kyung (firefighter)
  14. Kim Bong-yun (Carpenter)
  15. Kang So-yeon (TV Personality)
  16. Kwon Ga-young (Fitness Model)
  17. No Seong-yul (Martial Arts Teacher)
  18. Go Hyo-joo (Skateboarder)
  19. Hong Hyun-jin (Golfer)
  20. Park Kwang-jae (Actor)
  21. Lim Su-jeong (Ssireum Wrestler)
  22. Kang Eun-hee (Bodybuilder)

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