Physical 100’s Kim Ji-Hyuk: Fiancée, Medals, IG and More

Physical 100's Kim Ji-Hyuk: Fiancée, Medals, IG and More

He came in second in the endurance run/pre-quest 0 and won his deathmatch battle. But was rower Kim Ji-Hyuk was he eliminated in the Capturing the Maze Quest? It made sense for CrossFitter Amotti, who came in 3rd in Quest 0, to select Ji-Hyuk for his team. However they didn’t count on going up against team Kim Dong-Hyun and his willingness to push the envelope. Can the elite cardio of these two men match the bulk of powerlifter Wi Sung-Oh? Under Dong-Hyun’s orders to act as a human roadblock in the maze, Wi gave Physical 100’s Kim Ji-hyuk all he could handle.

Even if Kim Ji-hyuk gets knocked out, there’s likely a shot eliminated competitors will get a shot at redemption like they did on Physical 100 Season 1. However the odds are now against the sidelined Ji-Hyuk as he’ll have to make a comeback of epic proportions. While Ji-Hyuk cools his heels on the sidelines, let’s learn all we can about the national rowing team athlete.

Physical 100‘s Kim Ji-Hyuk: IG, YouTube, Rowing Medals, Cycling, Cast Friendships, Master’s Degree

Kim Ji-hyuk out for a night out on the town with his fiancée Ji-eon

Kim Ji-hyuk out for a night out on the town with his fiancée Ji-eon (Instagram).

Ji-Hyuk (whose name is also written as Jae-Hyuk or Jee-Hyuk) has many medals to his name. In 2018, he won two gold medals and one silver at the Asian Cup. In 2019, he brought home a silver medal, and in 2022 when competition started again, he won a bronze, one silver and one gold. The year 2023 brought one silver and one bronze. Ji-hyuk loves to cycle and has many photos of him on his bike in rural and urban settings. These photos can be found on his Instagram , where he has only 5,573 followers. He also has a YouTube channel where he showcases his rowing skills, gym feats and the meals he eats. However there are only 3 videos here and only 62 subscribers.

Ji-Hyuk has maintained his friendship with Amotti and also appears in a shirtless photo with Hong Beom-seok. He appears to be a bit of a romantic, taking photos with flowers and showing that he is a fan of romantic comedy The Silver Linings Playbook. His mom and dad appear in a graduation photo from 2020, showing he earned his Master’s Degree.

Physical 100‘s Kim Ji-Hyuk: Fiancée, Height, Age, Travels, Couple Social Media Accounts

Kim Ji-hyuk with his soon-to-be wife Kim Ji-eon getting wedding photos done

Kim Ji-hyuk with his soon-to-be wife Kim Ji-eon getting wedding photos done (Instagram).

Ji-Hyuk actually has a second IG account, and it is devoted entirely to romantic photos with his fiancée. His future wife Kim Ji-Eon is a model and a member of the faculty of the Dongduk Women’s University Performing Arts Faculty. She actually has a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts and an instructor at Hanlim Entertainment and Arts High School. On her Instagram, there is a link to another YouTube account which is dedicated to their life together as a couple. The couple’s IG account has 6,387 followers and the YouTube account has 105.

The couple’s account has some interesting information that you can’t find on Ji-Hyuk’s profile: for example, his height, which is 190 cm (just over 6 feet, 2 inches). Ji-Hyuk is also 30 years of age. Ji-Hyuk and Ji-Eon were engaged on July 2nd, 2023 and the wedding will happen on April 27 of this year. They have also travelled to Fukuoka, Japan, and Phu Quoc resort in Vietnam. We wish the couple well and maybe, Ji-Hyuk will be able to win some extra cash for his wedding.

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