Love Is Blind New Episodes Release Dates, Finale, Reunion

Love Is Blind New Episodes Release Dates, Finale, Reunion

Fans are waiting for four more episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 as we head down the road to the altar (and a reunion episode after that). There’s already lots of clues which Love Is Blind couples stay together and who splits up.

This season has been one wild ride so far, with fans unimpressed with the several members of the male cast. We’ve seen Andrew Liu’s weirdness, Bartise Bowden‘s immaturity, Cole Barnett‘s inability to commit, and Matt Bolton‘s toxic jealousy. Relatively normal guys like SK Alagbada and Brennon Lemieux are emerging as the season’s VIPs just by not screwing up. Some of the women haven’t performed well either. Nancy Rodriguez‘s lack of transparency, Colleen Reed‘s partying ways, Zanab Jaffrey‘s insecurity, and even Alexa Alfia‘s princess behavior have earned them criticism. Some major blowups are definitely coming our way in the final four episodes, including the finale, and the upcoming reunion.

Three more Love Is Blind new episodes (8-10) will drop on Netflix this Wednesday, November 2, at 3:01 a.m. EST (12:01 a.m. PST). The finale episode and reunion will air November 9, one week later, released by Netflix at the same time Wednesday morning.

Predictions are running rampant as to who will make it to the altar and who will actually say “I do.”

Many Make It To The Altar, But Someone’s Getting Dumped

If the previous seasons are anything to go by, all five of our couples will get to their wedding day. It’s apparently really hard to leave the show, as season 1 contestant Jessica Batten revealed in an interview. Sometimes, people cheer the breakups, such as when Deepti Vempati dumped superficial Shake Chatterjee in season 2. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking, like when Damian Powers stood up to his domineering fiancée Giannina Gibelli in Season 1. And other times, it’s amicable, such as when Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez parted as friends. However, we haven’t seen any wedding snippets for Matt and Colleen. They looked miserable in the episodes 8-10 teaser preview. Maybe they will be the first to tap out early?

Only Two Couples That Made It To The Altar Are Still Together

Zanab In Her Wedding Dress On The Big Day

In both previous seasons, only two couples said “I do,” and both of Season 2’s couples filed for divorce after that. Nobody was surprised at Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson falling apart in August 2022. However, fans were disappointed to see Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones split just a few days after Danielle and Nick. If the show keeps with this tradition, couples SK/Raven and Brennon/Alexa will be this season’s two successfully married couples. We’re excited to see SK’s Nigerian wedding, which could involve a massive crowd, colourful aso-ebi (wedding clothes), and a possible Nigerian/American double ceremony to accommodate Raven’s family. But we’ll have to keep an eye on these couples long after the wedding.

What Can We Expect In The Love Is Blind Final Episodes?

The past two seasons have gone through two wedding milestones: dress/suit shopping and bachelor/bachelorette parties. A teaser preview for the next three episodes of Love Is Blind season 3 features the women goofing around with some questionable male strippers and Alexa joking (?) about leaving Brennon for one of them. However, while the last two seasons featured 10 episodes total, this time around we get 10 episodes and the finale in Episode 11. What could be going on that needed an extra episode? And then, of course, we have the After The Altar reunion specials which could feature broken-up couples dating or introducing new partners or spouses. We’ll be covering it all at Show Star News.

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