Love Is Blind S6: Did Clay And AD Get Married (Spoilers)

Love Is Blind S6: Did Clay And AD Get Married (Spoilers)

After nine episodes of Love Is Blind season 6, Clay Gravesande and his fiancée AD (Amber Desiree Smith) look to be one of the strongest couples on the show. Yet, when looking at the roster of couples still together that’s not saying much. They already hit some speedbumps, since heading back from their romantic getaway in the Dominican Republic. AD commented on Clay not coming back to the apartment some nights. He also warned her he was raised in part by a philandering father. So, did Clay and AD get married on Love Is Blind season 6?

Before we get to spoilers, let’s take a quick recap on where AD and Clay stand after nine episodes.

Clay opened up to AD once they returned home to Charlotte, North Carolina, about how he grew up with his dad taking him on romantic getaways with his many mistresses while growing up. He said he didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of his suave Guyanese dad or Black role models who also lived a cheating lifestyle.

“I’m going to be a great father. I can’t wait for that,” Clay said in the latest previews. “I never thought I was going to be good at marriage. I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m ever going to cheat.”

Things seemed to take a bad turn after that.

“Do you think that’s going to be the biggest thing, that you’re going to cheat?” AD asked Clay.

The preview then shows AD with her mom.

“He doesn’t think that your all is enough for him? Then that’s not your guy.” AD can then be seen crying.

Love Is Blind Season 6: Did Clay And AD Get Married (Spoilers)

AD and her fiancé Clay on Love Is Blind season 6

AD and her fiancé Clay on Love Is Blind season 6 (Netflix).

Mecklenburg County marriage records reveal Clay and AD did apply for a marriage license in the spring of 2023 near the end of Love Is Blind season 6 filming. However, the couple didn’t end up saying “I do” on their wedding day. It looks like AD had more self respect than to get married to man who wasn’t sure if he could promise fidelity. That said, there’s still a whole lot left to the rollercoaster of AD and Clay’s relationship.

AD even told US Weekly last month that Clay was a “walking red flag” in the pods because of his obsession with looks.

We still don’t know how the pair left things. Could they still be dating after the show after not getting married? The two still follow each other on Instagram and Amber even shared some cute pictures of the couple together on the show. However, most signs point to this couple being kaput after failing to get married at the altar. Clay’s repeated conversations bringing up the possibility of cheating and fear of commitment likely stuck a fork in this relationship.

That said, at least one couple ended up getting married on Love Is Blind season 6. Fans will have to wait two more weeks for the finale and reunion episodes to drop on Netflix to find out exactly what happened to Clay and AD’s relationship after their failed nuptials.

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