Love Is Blind Fans Rehash Cole’s Toilet & Dirty Apartment

Love Is Blind Fans Rehash Cole's Toilet & Dirty Apartment

Love Is Blind season 3 fans are taking a second look at Cole’s toilet and dirty apartment after the infamous scene where Zanab Jaffrey saw his messy place came up in the reunion episode. A lot of viewers actually felt bad for Cole after Zanab tore him a new one on the altar and reunion episodes . She said he tried to make her eat less (which unaired footage played at the end denied) and completely destroyed her self-confidence.

The reunion episode ended with Cole crying and apologizing to everyone. But fans wonder if Zanab gaslit him and he actually wasn’t that bad to her. It’s hard to know because so much Love Is Blind footage is edited and storylines scripted. At least it looks like Cole’s now happy with a new girlfriend. On the reunion he also explained why his toilet and apartment were so dirty.

Cole’s Toilet & Infamous Dirty Apartment On Love Is Blind Season 3

Cole's Dirty Apartment & Toilet On Love Is Blind Season 3

Cole’s dirty apartment and toilet shocked fans when he let Zanab see his place for the first time.

Love Is Blind Star Cole's Toilet On Season 3

Love Is Blind producers had a field day documenting Cole’s dirty apartment. They zoomed in on the flies living in his filthy toilet. They also showed towels on the floor (Zanab’s pet peeve) underwear strewn next to his TV, an unmade bed without a bedframe, a random chair hanging up in his closet, a full wide-open dishwasher, and utter disarray everywhere you looked.

Love Is Blind Star Cole's Messy Closet

Cole's Dirty Apartment On Love Is Blind Season 3

Cole’s dirty apartment on Love Is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

Cole Explains His Messy Home On Love Is Blind Reunion

“Like the clothes stuff was funny to me because I’m super messy. I mean it’s obvious. So I mean, I’m very messy,” Cole admitted on the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion.

Show co-host Vanessa Lachey responded, “Oh my god, did they really have to do the flies in your toilet?”

“I was gonna clean my whole house before we flew, and I woke up and my power was out in my whole apartment. It was dark, and it was 4 a.m., and I had to go catch a flight. I couldn’t clean anything… So I just left it,” Cole explained. He was likely flying out to California to the pods. The flashlight on his kitchen table (in one of the above screenshot) when they returned to his place for the first time helps check out his story.

It also appears to have been a very busy time in Cole’s life. His whiteboard near the front of his bachelor apartment says “file taxes” and “PPP loan application” for when he was likely starting his own realtor business, called Bdellium Real Estate.

Zanab after seeing the apartment didn’t seem to perturbed. She said it was what she expected a 25-year-old guy’s bachelor apartment to look like. Fans were less forgiving.

Hopefully Cole learned a valuable lesson: clean your apartment at all costs before going on a reality TV show.

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