Love Is Blind Season 3: Brennon’s Vows Has Fans In Tears

Love Is Blind Season 3: Brennon's Vows Has Fans In Tears

Brennon Lemieux is the undisputed male champion of Love Is Blind Season 3, as Brennon’s vows drew strong positive fan reactions. The savvy cowboy has won near universal praise for his performance this season. Nobody’s perfect, as a few detractors who criticized white knight behavior at the reunion have proven. His closest rival SK Alagbada took major heat for devastating fiancee Raven Ross with his shocking “I do not.” However, SK has regained some fan favorite status after it emerged that he and Raven are still in love. Even Brennon’s lady love Alexa Alfia has borne some criticism because her vows weren’t as heartfelt. Whatever you think of this often hard-to-watch season, Brennon’s vows were a definite highlight. Let’s analyze the vows and their reaction.

Brennon’s Vows Made Fans — And Family — Cry

A lot has been written about how Brennon goes above and beyond to make Alexa feel special and safe. During that harrowing meet-the-family episode, Alexa specifically pointed out how that she never feels insecure around her man. These vows brought out that aspect of Brennon’s love for Alexa in full force. First, Brennon pledged that they would be equal always in marriage, “even during football season.” This drew a laugh from Alexa, as she said, “You get me.” As Brennon pledged himself wholeheartedly to his wife, Alexa’s once-skeptical zaddy Adam Alfia wiped away a tear of his own. (Even as Adam was chewing away on a big wad of gum.)

Then, as Brennon’s mom holds back her own tears with a handkerchief, he delivers the big finish. “I do not possess you, because we belong to ourselves. I do not command you, because we are free. But I promise you, I will serve you, I will protect you, I will love you, respect and honor you. And these things I swear, my love.” The thing about these vows is that they’re completely believable and in line with what Brennon’s said and done all through the season.

The Ugly-Crying Reaction To The Vows

Twitter searching “Brennon vows” gives you a cluster of crying .gifs and .jpegs. There aren’t many articulate responses we can cite here, and we don’t need to. User @hmmfunnyes said, “Can we talk about how [bleeping] sweet and beautiful Brennon’s vows were to Alexa” followed by four crying emojis. On this Reddit thread, user Georges Koizumi went so far as to say that they like the couple better than Cameron and Lauren from season 1!

It seems like Alexa’s trouble opening up made it seem like she was just tossing off a sentence during her vows when she talked about always giving Brennon “the jingle jingle.” During the reunion, though, Alexa talked about how she’s a lot more lovey-dovey with her hubby when the cameras are off. It just seems that Brennon loves Alexa no matter what, which is a lot more wholesome than just whether love is blind. We can only hope that they become one of the few successful couples that have come out of the show.

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