Below Deck S11: Chef Anthony’s Dad Dying Motivates His Cooking

Below Deck S11: Chef Anthony's Dad Dying Motivates His Cooking

Chef Anthony Iracane hasn’t had the easiest life as an early adult. In episode 4 of Below Deck season 11, he shared how he married at the age of 26, but that his wife left him for one of his uncles. Earlier on in the season, Chef Anthony let Chief Steward Fraser Olender know the second anniversary of his father dying would pass. Chef Anthony’s dad dying motivates him to be the best culinary master he can be, to make his deceased dad and his widowed mom proud.

Chef Anthony as a child at his birthday with his dad

Chef Anthony as a child at his birthday with his dad (Bravo).

“When I’m cooking, I’m cooking with all my feeling,” Chey Anthony explained at the start of episode 5. “Thinking about my dad up there.”

Below Deck Season 11: Chef Anthony’s Dad Dying Motivates His Cooking

Chef Anthony Iracane's dad and mom

Chef Anthony Iracane’s dad and mom (Bravo).

“My dad’s death anniversary is coming in four days. He passed like a couple years ago. And that’s tough every day. Those emotions, I want to use this as a power, as a force. I need to show him I can be the best.”

Chef Anthony and the rest of the Below Deck season 11 crew started filming in February 2023 in Grenada. So Chef Anthony’s dad died back in early 2021.

Despite the great and tragic loss of his dad dying of a heart attack suddenly, Chef Anthony tries his best to make him proud.

“It’s not easy every day, but I love it,” Chef Anthony said.

“When I was a kid, back in the day, my mom was making Cordon Bleu. It was very amazing to grow up in France, but I was very bad at school. School wasn’t for me,” the new Below Deck yacht chef said in episode 3.

“I don’t dream about buying a Ferrari, just make my mom happy and just tell her, ‘You don’t need to work anymore because now I’m going to take care of you.”

Chef Anthony is very close to his mom now that his dad passed. He also adores his cat Mister Toons after his wife left him for his uncle.

“I got married when I was 26. You know, we had a lot of plans to create a family. It was a big deal. So long story short, one of my uncles, he’s a Captain and he find, she’s a Chief Stew, right. So he find her a job [sic]. And you know, I’m still have no texts from her. No Phone call. I guess she just, uh, left me for my uncle, you know? You know, it was pretty [bleepy],” Chef Anthony revealed in episode 4.

Chef Anthony’s food dishes on Below Deck season 11 will definitely make his parents proud. Fans are wowed by the culinary creations he’s creating in superyacht St. David’s galley.

Fans are now rooting for Chef Anthony and hope Captain Kerry Titheradge doesn’t fire the French yachtie.

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