Below Deck S11: Jared Gave A Daughter Relationship Update On WWHL

Below Deck S11: Jared Gave A Daughter Relationship Update On WWHL

Bosun Jared Woodin didn’t get off to the best start while working for Captain Kerry Titheradge on Below Deck season 11. He messed up a lot on the first charter, mainly because he was so rusty since he hadn’t worked on a superyacht like St. David in nearly ten years. However, Jared’s mind was also absent at times because he was stressing about making it on video calls with his young daughter. Now, Jared gave a daughter relationship update on Watch What Happens Live.

Jared told Chief Steward Fraser Olender on the first crew night out that his daughter lives in Alaska with her mom. Apparently they weren’t in a serious relationship at the time his ex became pregnant. She left to return home to Alaska without telling him she’d become pregnant with his kid. In episode four, Jared revealed to deckhands Ben Willoughby and Sunny Marquis that he’d never met his then three-year-old daughter in-person before.

“I’ve never met her. [Her mom] said she didn’t particularly want me to be a part of things,” Jared told his crewmates.

“I haven’t met my daughter yet because, at the time that I found out she was pregnant, it was a shell shock to me, I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t handle it properly, and I’m trying like hell to correct that,” Jared said. “Like, I want her to get to know me. I want to get to know her. But, it’s hard to sew back a wound without leaving a scar behind.”

Below Deck Season 11’s Bosun Jared Gave A Daughter Relationship Update On WWHL

“I’m on a set schedule to talk to my daughter, and not being able to talk because of the lack of cellular service here [in Grenada] really put me in a difficult way. My fear is that, if I don’t maintain this schedule, she’ll just cut me off,” Jared said after failing to call his daughter while on the show.

On February 26, a year after filming Below Deck season 11 in Grenada, Jared went on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live alongside former co-star and stewardess Barbie Pascual.

On the show, Andy asked Jared if he’d seen his daughter yet.

“Curious if you since the season has begun airing and the time between filming and now, have you got a chance to meet your daughter in real life?” Andy asked.

“Not in-person. But video chats are still happening. Yeah, it’s a peculiar and tricky situation. But working on it as time progresses.”

“Is it a tricky situation with her mom, or?” Andy pried further.

“No, it’s just because she’s with another person, so it kind of makes things complicated in terms of how confusing it would be for the child. So trying to navigate those waters as best I can,” Jared answered.

“Wow, good luck. That sounds rough and heartbreaking,” Andy said back.

Jared’s daughter is now four years old. On the show trailer, it appears Jared eventually gets fired. Captain Kerry, who went through a divorce a few years ago and took some time off yachting to take time with his two kids, had a lot of sympathy for Jared. However, it looks like Jared turned to drinking heavily on crew nights out, which didn’t help his standing with the Below Deck season 11 captain.

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