Indian Matchmaking Couples Status: Cast Breakups, Together Still

Indian Matchmaking season 2 couples have long stopped playing it up for the cameras on the Netflix reality TV show. Fans want to know each cast members Indian Matchmaking couples status after the show ended. Which couples are still together and which ones ended after the show?

“First is marriage, then love.” That’s what superstar matchmaker Sima Thaparia says at least once an episode. She’s also quick to remind us that nobody gets 100% of what they want. She also doesn’t have the best success rate in successful matchmaking, either. So, what percentage of the cast are together or broken up?

Aparna Shewakramani

Ex-attorney and current author Aparna has been struggling in the dating scene for two seasons now. Remember the text template she developed to reject people?

Her one possible match, Daman, managed to get through two dates with her, but she ended up bored and famously developed a habit of yawning during her dates with him. To be fair, Daman did seem more interested in work than making a connection. For someone who got as much camera time as she did, she probably spent the least time with Sima Auntie, preferring to listen to Sophie the astrologist. Reports have indicated that the fiercely independent Aparna clashed with Sima’s more traditional approach and decided to do things her own way. Indeed, her best relationships were with her friends and her supportive mom.

Indian Matchmaking Couples Status, Together or broken up? Together with herself, but broken up with everyone else.

Pradhyuman Maloo

The polar opposite of Aparna, playboy Pradhyum’s eye-popping Udaipur wedding to the creative and flexible Ashima was arguably the centerpiece of season 2 and their relationship is still going strong. Their champagne at sunset proposal quickly gave way to a ceremony filled with gorgeous costumes, fireworks, and elephants.

As husband and wife business partners, these two complement each other perfectly, with Pradhyuman’s perfectionism balanced with Ashima’s artistic soul. Whether it’s running restaurants or making jewelry, Pradhyum and Ashima have definitely built a strong foundation with one another.

Indian Matchmaking Couples Status, together or broken up? Very much together and in love.

Nadia Jagessar

Widely viewed as the villain of Season 2, Nadia dumped nice guy Shekar for younger stud Vishal, only to be dumped in turn. Setting up a flimsy pretext of not feeling like Shekar was into her after he produced receipts proving that she had asked for a just-friends approach turned the fans against her in a big way. Shekar’s devastated reaction was one of the saddest moments of the season, and it led to a very teachable moment for Nadia when she admitted that Sima Auntie had warned her against a match with Vishal.

Nadia did get her chance to bounce back in a memorable scene where she and her friends took sledgehammers to old TVs in a wreck room. However, she is not in a relationship, and remains pet mom to her dog Millie.

Indian Matchmaking Couples Status, Together or broken up? Badly broken up twice and single.

Viral Joshi

Viral’s ultra-competitiveness and high expectations made for some of the season’s funniest and most awkward moments, but scared off quite a few suitors. Things were fairly strained between her and namesake Viral Kothari from the start, but she didn’t help by having her date at a furniture store where he and her were trying to decorate a house that they never would get to live in together. Things were going better with second date Jaymin, but he was freaked out after being grilled about not looking like his profile photo.

Patient outdoorsman optometrist Aashay looked to be the one for Viral, but the long distance nature of the relationship (she’s in Durham, North Carolina, and he’s in NYC) was going to make it tough. The destiny of this couple is still unwritten.

Indian Matchmaking Couples Status, Together or broken up? Together (maybe?), but to be determined.

Akshay Dhumal

Country boy Akshay underwent a spiritual transformation when he realized that a broken engagement in his past was causing trouble for his love life in the present. We saw a date with fashion designer Devika go disastrously off the rails as Akshay kept switching the topic back towards his chickens business. It wasn’t until face reader Jhanardhan Dhurbe figured out his secret that his stoic front crumbled, leading to a shockingly vulnerable moment for Akshay.

The self-proclaimed most eligible bachelor in Nashik proved he was no chicken by stepping out of his comfort zone choosing to walk the Shanti Path, and deserves a lot of credit for his big step forward.

Indian Matchmaking Couples Status, Together or broken up? Broken up, but getting it back together by ending the curse.

Arshneel Kochar

Down-to-earth doctor and dancer Arshneel was a fan favorite in Season 2. Backed by a group of trusted friends and his very supportive dad, Arshneel overcame a lack of experience in relationships and nervousness over being judged for his Sikh faith to become one half of the very cute Chulbuli couple with dentist Rinkle. Things did fizzle out with financial planner Anjali, but watching him care for Rinkle after she took several painful spills during an ice skating excursion pretty much cemented things between the two.

As you might expect, Arshneel has been very private about his relationship and Rinkle has limited almost all access on her socials. If anyone sees them together at a Taco Bell, let us know.

Indian Matchmaking Couples Status, Together or broken up? Likely together (fingers crossed)

Shital Patel

Shital went through some serious ups and downs in Season 2, but ultimately found her happy ending. Candid rants about feeling like a disappointment and self-sabotage were super relatable for fans. Her pickiness led her to turn down talkative Viral Kothari in his second unsuccessful outing even after Viral performed well when talking to her family. Arpana’s cousin Avinash fared little better after they failed to make anything more than a superficial connection.

Luckily, she found the deep connection she was looking for with dorky doctor and Bollywood nerd Niraj. Watching Sima Auntie cheer for her finding love on her own, and hearing her acknowledge the process as preparing her for meeting Niraj was a great note to end the season on.

Indian Matchmaking Couples Status, Together or broken up? Happily together!

Vinesh Vasani

Big Vinny joined the show late in the season, and despite a broad smile, a circle of friends, and the help of Baags the dog, he mostly struck out in the romance department. Some fans on the socials have commented that he needs to stop being so superficial and broaden his horizons a bit.

First, he missed the sexual connection with Mosum, who seemed more like one of his guy friends to him even though she appeared to be having a blast mixing up cocktails. Fashion forward nurse Meena was mostly checked out of their date from the very start and gave out her number with no intention of seeing him again. Vinesh took the rejection very hard but, as some would argue, it was another example of laser-guided karma. Let’s hope he learns his lesson and returns in Season 3 for another go.

Indian Matchmaking Couples Status, Together or broken up? Very broken up and failed at love.

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