Love Is Blind Live Reunion Crashes On Netflix & Fans Are Mad

Love Is Blind Live Reunion Crashes On Netflix & Fans Are Mad

Love Is Blind season 4‘s live reunion set to air on April 16 at 8 p.m. EST failed to load for millions of viewers. Love Is Blind fans on Twitter lost it at Netflix for advertising a streaming giant first of airing a live program for the first time in history.

Fans started creating memes of the PR nightmare of Netflix promising a first live program and having it crash.

Most of the main Love Is Blind season 4 cast posted a lot on Instagram and TikTok over the weekend of the crew in LA to film the live reunion episode. However, it looks like Jackie Bonds may not be attending. We’ll update this article with the latest news from Netflix on what’s happening to the Love Is Blind live reunion.

Netflix’s live stream changed about 15 minutes in to inform viewers they were experiencing technical difficulties. The hashtag #LoveIsLate started trending, too, with fans bashing Netflix. Some fans suspect Netflix purposefully didn’t want the Love Is Blind reunion to go live because of all the ways it could go off the rails.

So far Love Is Blind and Netflix’s Twitter accounts responded by saying it’s late and promising it would only be 15 minutes late. The account also retweeted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and promised the wait would be worth it.


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