Why Jackie Likely Didn’t Attend The Love Is Blind Reunion

Why Jackie Likely Didn't Attend The Love Is Blind Reunion

Love Is Blind season 4’s live reunion is airing on Sunday, April 16 and most of the main cast are in LA hanging out with each other before the big event. However, Jackelina Bonds remained silent on her social media. Fans suspected she didn’t attend the live Love Is Blind season 4 reunion because of the tsunami of backlash she’s faced online. However, let’s look at the main reasons why Jackie likely didn’t attend the Love Is Blind reunion.

Jackie Calls Out Show As Staged & Bad Edits, Likely Souring Relationship With Show Production

Jackie transformed into the top villain of season 4 in the eyes of most Love Is Blind fans after she allegedly cheated on Marshall Glaze. According to the show edit, Jackie skipped her dress fitting so she could go on a coffee date with her now-boyfriend and other love-interest in the pods, Josh Demas. The Jackie and Josh relationship timeline is a bit murky, but the show presents it as her kissing Josh before breaking up with Marshall. Jackie maintained on social media the show manufactured the drama to villainize her and is claiming receipts.

On Instagram a few weeks back, Jackie posted an Instagram story claiming Marshall called her the most disgusting name right before she had to meet his sister, brother-in-law and kid. Upon the allegations of cheating, Jackie denied everything and pointed to a bad edit changing the chronology of events.

Jackie claimed she broke up with Marshall before going on a date with Josh. She pointed out how her hair and outfits were different in the two scenes from that supposed same day. However, fans pointed out that Jackie said to Marshall that she saw Josh that day in the scene where she broke up with him. She also explained why she kept the ring, pointing out that Marshall didn’t buy the ring.

Jackie then clarified in a series of now-deleted tweets from Twitter that she broke up with Marshall after he said something “racist” but that production had them redo the breakup scene for the show. Love Is Blind is a heavily scripted and staged show, so it isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Jackie’s one tweet promised “audio” of Marshall saying “a slur” denigrating a “whole community” to be aired at the reunion.

Why Jackie Likely Didn’t Attend the Love Is Blind Reunion


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So, there are two main options for reasons why Jackie most likely didn’t attend the live Love Is Blind reunion. One, show production didn’t want her to attend because she kept spilling editing secrets and suggesting the show is fake. She also got caught going on a baseball date with Josh, revealing her showmance relationship before the reunion, again likely breaking her contract.

The second alternative reason why Jackie didn’t attend the reunion: she rejected the invitation to the live screening because she no longer trusted the show’s production after believing they vilified her. Furthermore, Jackie dealt with anxiety while on the show, related to family issues back home, and could not want to subject herself to more negative attention from viewers.

Either way, fans want to hear what Jackie has to say about what happened on Love Is Blind season 4 and what happened behind the scenes with Marshall.

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