Below Deck Season 9: Does Heather Cheat on Boyfriend With Jake?

Jake Foulger Sidling Up To Heather Chase
Below Deck’s Jake Foulger drunkenly trying to make a move on Chief Stew Heather Chase on season 9 (Screenshot, Bravo).

Does Chief Stew Heather Chase cheat on her boyfriend with Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger on Below Deck season 9? Below Deck season 9’s episode 8 preview sure has fans guessing. The preview teases the lead deckhand attempting to get Heather to take a turn with his notorious moustache.

Are Jake & Heather’s Flirting Foreshadowing Cheating?

“Come on, give me a cuddle,” says a drunken Jake to Heather as she caresses his cheek. This is a scene from the episode 8 preview, which has some fans guessing it won’t be long before the two hookup before season 9’s end.

The clip then cuts to Deckhand Rayna Lindsey smoking, with an unimpressed look on her face. Understandably, since she kind of had a thing for her boss Jake when they were making out early on in the charter season.

“I think Jake is so great,” says Heather to a producer in the preview, too.

“I think you’re so f***ing beautiful,” Jake says to Heather in the drunken moment of heavy flirting, presumably on a party night after finishing up the fourth charter of the season with breast cancer survivor Michael Cadez, family and friends.

“A moustache ride doesn’t seem all that bad,” Heather adds when talking to the camera outside of the scene where her and Jake were drunkenly in an embrace.

“Ah, pumpkin,” she says back to Jake at the drunken party scene. It’s unclear if it led to a kiss between Heather and the bosun.

Could this be the start of a blossoming romantic relationship between Chase and Foulger?

Signs Heather Likes Jake

Heather Chase made it clear she has a boyfriend at the beginning of Below Deck season 9. Her boyfriend is apparently a previous superyacht guest she met while working on another boat. But that relationship could be put in jeopardy. Jake, the blonde-haired, moustachioed party animal, is looking to have his way with the My Seanna chief stew.

Before the latest preview, the last night the crew went out there was definitely some banter and flirting going on between the two. Heather also admitted if she didn’t have a boyfriend Jake, age 27, would definitely be in the running.

The rumors the two are secretly dating or had a fling while on Below Deck are building. Chase eagerly and suggestively commenting on Jake’s Instagram posts only helps fan the flames.

Heather Chase Commenting on Jake's IG Pic
Heather Chase regularly and enthusiastically comments on Jake’s Instagram posts, stoking rumors the two may have more than just a friends’ relationship (Screengrab, Instagram).

Also, eagle-eyed Below Deck fans may remember another clue to a possible Jake-Heather hookup. In another preview for the show, a voice that sounds like Heather’s can be heard saying she’s made a big mistake. In another preview she’s seen running on the beach crying. And, in yet another scene, Chef Rachel Hargrove uses helium to tell her in a high-pitch voice to keep her chin up. Could this all be tied to her cheating with Jake?

Below Deck Season 9's Heather Chase Laughing at Chef Rachel
Chef Rachel Hargrove makes a joke to Heather Chase to make her laugh in a preview clip on Below Deck season 9. Is it tied to the possibility she may have cheated with Jake (Screenshot, Bravo)?

The Crew Members Jake Already Kissed On My Seanna

Chase, age 25 on the show, is clearly attracted to Jake, despite him supposedly having an Australian fiance named Paris. He allegedly got engaged to Paris Field for immigration purposes, but that, along with Chase having her own boyfriend, may not be enough for her to rebuff Jake’s advances.

In Foulger’s case, it really isn’t cheating if he hooks up with Chase. After fooling around with Rayna, he let it slip that he was engaged. He then clarifies that the two are only engaged to help Paris stay in England.

After fooling around with Lindsey, he also had a blackout night where he went streaking and madeout a bunch with fellow Brit and Second Stew Fraser Olender.

Although Olender and Jake made out quite passionately, the two aren’t into each other romantically. Jake says he’s comfortably straight, but has kissed plenty of guys. Meanwhile, Fraser says Jake is far from his type. Olender wasn’t the only guy Jake kisses, he also planted a wet one on Captain Lee.

Will Chase be the next to fall under the spell of Jake’s pointy moustache? Also, does Deckhand Wes O’Dell finally get a kiss from Third Stew Jessica Albert. Below Deck fans will have a good chance of finding out in episode 8 when the crew parties after wrapping up the fourth charter of season 9. Tune in on Bravo at 9 p.m. EST Monday.

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