Below Deck: What Happened to Rayna Lindsey After Season 9

Below Deck season 9 ended over a month ago, so what happened to controversial cast member Rayna Lindsey since?

Although the season 9 reunion aired a month ago, the charter season a year before any episodes aired. A lot has changed in Rayna’s life over that past year.

Rayna is Four Months Sober

At the time Below Deck season 9 episodes started airing, My Seanna deckhand Rayna decided to make a big change in her life. Looking back at her past behavior drinking, including on the show, she pledged to go sober. In the middle of March, Rayna reached a major goal, four months alcohol free.

Not only did Rayna quit drinking, but she is also sharing her journey quitting alcohol. On Instagram she shares her former struggle as a self-described alcoholic and advocates against drinking.

“Woke up drinking to start my day. Had bottles of vodka in my purse. Got a DUI but everyone gets 1 right? Became a blackout drunk and never remembered anything,” Rayna wrote in a post about her alcohol addiction denials.

It’s unclear after March if Rayna continued her sobriety after March of this year, since she hasn’t posted any update posts on her journey alcohol free.

Rayna Moved Abroad To Mexico, But Lives In Minnesota Again

Throughout the months Below Deck season 9 aired, Rayna repeatedly mentioned she was planning to move to Mexico on her Instagram. Now, Rayna’s status says she’s “based abroad”. It looks like she was again living in Mexico after the show at one point, although unless an Instagram story announced it, she hasn’t explained where exactly. In January she was traveling in South America, including Ecuador. On January 20 Rayna turned age 28. One year older, one year wiser. She now lives back in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she started her beauty bar business as a “certified lash technician”. Rayna business is called ASE BEAUTY BAR.

Earlier in the year, Rayna posted a picture of her face-timing Issa, the guy she was repeatedly talking to on the phone while on Below Deck season 9. The two met and hooked up while Rayna was previously in Mexico, but were not an item. It appears they are still close. Rayna said they FaceTime “10-12 times a day”. It’s unclear if he’s still a love interest or they’re just good friends.

Lindsey Plans to Become A ‘Boss Babe’ & Get Famous

Rayna Lindsey is done with reality TV and says she is on to bigger and better things.

“I’m trying to become the next [Karamo] or [Jamie Chung]. One season of Reality TV and that’s f***ing it. I got bigger plans. Way bigger plans,” Rayna told fans at the end of 2021.

Both those celebs have had successful careers and continued fame after their reality TV stardom. At one point, Rayna said she was going to start YouTube channel to share her journey getting plastic surgery. A couples months have passed, and Rayna still hasn’t posted anything about it. She also shared that in 2022 she is planning to buy real estate and start her own business. The details on both still haven’t been shared with Below Deck fans.

Before the finale aired, Rayna shared a lot more of her thoughts on the controversies on the Saynomo Podcast. She dished more on the drama of Heather Chase saying the N-word and her fighting with Eddie Lucas. Also on the podcast, Rayna revealed she’s friends and a former roommate of Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Lauren Cohen.

What ever Rayna ends up doing next, Below Deck fans will be watching.

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