Below Deck Tip Money: How Much The Season 9 Crew Made In Total

Below Deck season 9 finale episode finishes on Monday, January 31 on Bravo. So how much tip money did cast members make from guests this charter season?

The tips varied a lot this season, with two $25,000 tips. Those are not the biggest tips compared to previous seasons of Below Deck, but they’re not too shabby either. They also sure beat getting no tip at all from charter guests.

Season 9 of Below Deck had a total of 7 charters shown throughout 14 episodes. Due to Third Stew Jessica Albert quitting with three charters remaining, different crew members made different amounts.

All The Charter Tips From Below Deck Season 9

Senior Broadcaster Content Producer and Primary Charter Guest Nikki Foster gave the crew an $18,000 tip, or $1,500 per person. Beyond the 9 crew members shown on camera, three hidden crew members split the tips of all the charters in season 9.

On the second charter, Primary Charter Guest Michael Durham and his drunken colleagues gave $19,800 or $1,650 to each crew member.

A very tanned Primary Charter Guest Ronnie Weiss loved celebrating his 75th birthday on My Seanna. He gave the crew a lot of money. Captain Lee divvied out the first $25,000 tip. Each crew member received $2,080 in tip money.

On the fourth charter, Jessica’s last, the crew split a $19,000 tip given by breast cancer survivor and Primary Charter Guest Michael Cadez. So each crew member got $1,580. Shortly after, Jessica quit, so she received a total of $6,810 in tip money before departing. Not bad for someone who didn’t pull her weight.

On the fifth charter, jaw-wired-shut Primary Charter Guest Chelsea Gonella and her husband gave the crew $22,000. With only 11 crew members aboard, each crew member got $2,000 in tip money.

On the sixth charter the crew made another $25,000 tip given from the generous and kind Primary Charter Guest Tony Thornton. The 11 original crew members received $2,270 each, minus $100 they gave to the new stew Kaylee Milligan. Rayna Lindsey opted not to give a $100 to Kaylee for joining the charter midway. However, the rest of the original season 9 crew ended up with $2,170 from the charter, and Kaylee got $1,000.

How Much Tip Money Each Cast Member Made On Season 9

With the final tip from Primary Charter Guest Jennifer Yeo‘s group being $17,000, or $14,00 each. The final tip total for each of the crew members on My Seanna the whole time was $12,380.

Rayna made the most $100 more because she didn’t give Kaylee any money from the 5th charter like everyone else did, so she made $12,480 from the seven charters’ tips. Captain Lee, Chief Stew Heather Chase, Chef Rachel Hargrove, Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger, Deckhand Wes O’Dell, First Officer Eddie Lucas, and Second Stew Fraser Olender all made $12,380 from the seven charter tips.

The crew over the charter season made a total of $147,000 in tip money for Below Deck season 9.

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