BDSY Fans Call Gary Creepy Uncle For Going After Younger Stews

BDSY Fans Call Gary Creepy Uncle For Going After Younger Stews

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 fans are fed up with Chief Officer Gary King skirt chasing after much younger yachtie stewardesses. Viewers believe his player antics are grotesque for a man in his mid-thirties, reeling in impressionable, naïve, drunk women in their early twenties. In the past two seasons fans mostly found his ladies’ man ways highly entertaining. But it looks like the crowd has turned on the smooth sailor, who now deemed a slippery sleazeball by many online critics. Fans are calling Gary creepy and gross on Twitter and Reddit for his immaturity.

Fans will recall King cad made his debut on BDSY season 2 by hooking up with his subordinate deckhand Sydney Zaruba on the first crew night out, while, it turned out, he still had a long-term girlfriend. From there, he hit on all the female crew members, eventually dating Australian Alli Dore, who was actually right around his own age. After gaining fame and notoriety as a rugged, drunken Tarzan lookalike on season 2, he took his charming magnetism to new heights. He first fooled around with stewardess Ashley Marti. He then pivoted and started pursuing second stewardess Gabriela Barragan.

Only halfway through Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3’s female crew, King sweet talked Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher and the two had a long, very drunken make out session Parsifal III‘s hot tub. But just as he looked like he may get serious about dating someone his own age, and someone who he claimed to always have feelings for, Gary decided to attempt to woo replacement stewardess Scarlett Bentley. He love-bombed and kissed her a bunch, not long after just meeting, and even while charter guests were aboard. But eventually she ended things after Daisy warned her about the sloppy scoundrel.

Fanbase Drags ‘Creepy’ Uncle Gary For Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Exploits

Despite his lecherous ways, Daisy took most of the heat in season 3. Fans blasted Daisy for being “in love” with Gary and jealous because of sabotaging his relationship with Scarlett. According to deckhand Kelsie Goglia on Daisy’s Pita Party podcast, the prurient womanizer also tried kissing her too on a crew night out.

Now, with 33-years-old Gary hooking up with then-24-year-old stewardess Mads Herrera while filming BDSY season 4, the fanbase has apparently grew weary of his charade. Below Deck‘s subreddit is ridiculing the South African Lothario.

A top Reddit post entitled “Gary Realizing People Don’t Find His Flirty, Drunken Behavior Funny Anymore” garnered over 1,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments mostly blasting his juvenile behavior.

“Did anyone find it charming in the beginning? I’ve always thought he was a [bleep] boy that still acts like he is in high school,” reads the top comment from @TonyClifton323.

“I couldn’t (and still don’t) understand his appeal at all, especially to these young attractive girls. He’s like that uncle you avoid being alone with,” said another BDSY fan.

“Gary’s so gross. He’s always lurking around waiting for a girl to be drunk and vulnerable so he can strike,” another chimed in.

“And then his rotten behavior causes drama and friction between all the females and he acts like he doesn’t understand why,” an astute viewer added.

Other comments attacked Gary for breaking bro code in episode eight. He told the girls what the guys had been saying about them. On top of that, a lot of viewers found him completely unprofessional in pitting deckhands Alex Propson and Chase Lemacks against each other. Gary lied to Alex about Chase being upset with his cleanup job during the night shift.

“I am 100% convinced that Gary’s torpedo to Chase when talking to Alex was to semi stir drama for the show. Seems so out of character,” one fan surmised. Despite Bravo’s yachtie soap opera is billed as unscripted reality television, parts of Below Deck are scripted and staged.

BDSY Star Gary Responds To Online Dragging On Instagram

Pickup artist Gary King respond to his Below Deck detractors

Pickup artist Gary King respond to his Below Deck detractors (Instagram).

On Gary’s Instagram, the comments got a lot nastier, attacking his appearance.

Gary responded to all the tempest of online hostility by posting a shirtless picture with a hashtag that he’s living his best life.

A lot of BDSY fans are still in Gary’s corner, too. “I love everything about him, live and let live!” one fan exclaimed on IG.

“You know that you are hot AF,” said another fan still crushing on Gary.

Another popular Below Deck subreddit post came to Gary’s defense on so many fans insulting him on his personal Instagram account.

“Yes, we might not like all of the behaviour we saw on a show that was filmed LAST year but what right does that give anyone to comment under Gary’s photos, on his personal instagram page, cruelly mocking his appearance and his character?” read the initial poster’s comment.

Judging by the dozens of beautiful women Gary recently followed back on his IG, and his 204,000 , he still appears to have many female admirers, too. It also looks like he’s still casting his rod far and wide.

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