Survivor: What Happened to Xander Hastings After Season 41

Alexander (Xander) Hastings, who competed at the young age of only 20 on Survivor season 41, gained a lot of fans on the reality TV show for his cunning gameplay and understanding of nature. It has now been over half a year since the season ended, and Survivor fans may be wondering what happened to Xander since exiting the show in third place and going back to the real world.

Well, fans will be glad to know Xander is now thriving in his entrepreneurial pursuits and love-life after leaving Survivor 41. Hastings traveled to Lugano, Paris, and Iceland; as stated in a post on Andrea Boehkle’s Instagram. Xander has been dating fan-favorite Survivor contestant Andrea Boehlke. Xander also told Rob Castertino on his podcast, Rob Has A Podcast, that he is taking a break from his studies at the University of Chicago to develop an app. The app is called Tallli and it is for socially competitive individuals. The app’s full description is on Xander’s LinkedIn.

It came down to three fierce competitors in Survivor season 41’s finale: 

  1. The lion in sheep’s clothing, Erika Casupanan.
  2. The emotionally fueled Deshawn Radden.
  3. The socially awkward Xander Hastings.

It was a very tough final tribal council to watch, but Erika Casupanan capitalized on the males perceived weaknesses and clutched victory in a majority vote. All but one person on the jury voted for her to win.

“I was very calm, not letting any of it get to me. I smiled and took some time to think, ‘Wow, I’m really here. I’m really at final Tribal,’” said Xander in an interview with Mike Bloom.

Xander Is Dating Fellow Survivor Alumni Andrea Boehkle

Things did not go too favorably for Hastings in the final tribal council but he started looking for a bit more than money after the final episode of season 41. On January 13, 2022, Xander appeared on the Purple Pants Podcast where he revealed that he was single. But he stated he was “ready to mingle.” It seems that he really was single, because in one month he was posting on his Instagram story that he had found a valentine on Valentine’s Day.

The 13-year-older Andrea Boehkle, age 33, became Xander Hastings new love interest. Over the next few months Hastings and Boehkle would attend multiple parties and took a trip to Europe together as a couple. They travelled through Switzerland, France and Iceland. The couple took photos at the Eiffel Tower, Blue Lagoon, and videos of bungee jumping at Verzasca Dam.

Andrea also spent her birthday in Paris with Xander. She captioned her Instagram post, “Having myself a Parisian birthday, bonjour 33.”

Xander is originally from Florida, but moved to Chicago to compete collegiately in cross country track and field at the University of Chicago. In an interview with The Chicago Maroon he said he makes the 15-20 hour drive by car from his home in Florida to his home in Chicago. Sometimes making the drive non-stop.

Who is Xander’s Girlfriend Andrea Boehkle?

Andrea Boehkle was born and raised in Wisconsin. Her family has a farm in Random Lake, Wisconsin. Boehkle has a rich history in television and now works as a TV show host for People.

Andrea Boehkle is a three-time contestant of Survivor. Andrea competed on seasons 22, 26, and 34. She’s considered a sweetheart by fans, but also a fierce gameplayer. She embodies the definition of a “protect this girl at all costs” type of person. In past seasons, she has entered tight alliances with single male contestants and more times than not been duped. On season 22, Redemption Island, Boehkle appeared to be close with contestant Matt Elrod before they were both taken down by Boston Rob and his alliance. In Survivor season 26 she came out with ferocity and entered one of the most famous alliances, “Stealth R Us” with Phillip. Also in season 34, Andrea was betrayed by her “friend” Zeke after she was left out of the loop in the Ozzy vote-out.

However, this time it looks like Andrea doesn’t have to worry about Xander’s ulterior motives since they met outside the game, although the age gap may be another concern entirely for their relationship.

Are Xander and Andrea a Survivor couple for season 43?

No. The trailer has aired for Survivor season 43. It reveals that all the contestants are new castaways. That was also the case for seasons 41 and 42, too. Against Survivor fans hopes, we will not yet get to see the showmance of Xander and Andrea onscreen this upcoming season of Survivor.

Help the brother Xander out

Xander has been conducting research for his new app Tallli that’s in development now. He is conducting a survey for his app.

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