Below Deck: Meet Nichole, Charter Guest In Wild Hot Tub Season 9 Scene

Charter Guest Nichole Cadez with Dad Michael & His Girlfriend
Below Deck season 9 charter guest Nichole Cadez talks about going topless in the hot tub in a Bravo insider exclusive (Screengrab, Bravo).

Charter guest Nichole Cadez made a splash on Below Deck season 9, episode 8, when she decides to go topless in the My Seanna hot tub. Nichole, a big-breasted lady, apologizes to her dad, primary charter guest, Anheuser Busch beer distributor and breast cancer survivor Michael Cadez before shocking crew and fans.

In the preview for the episode 8, “Compliments of Captain Lee’s Travel Agency”, Nichole gives everyone a warning that her “Titties are coming out.” The same preview also suggests Chief Stew Heather Chase and Lead Deckhand Jake may cheat with each other.

“Dad, close your eyes,” says Nichole to her dad Michael before disrobing and hopping into the hot tub. The entire fourth charter was boob-themed because her dad recovered from breast cancer a year ago. But this made it a little awkward for Michael.

Who is Below Deck Charter Guest Nichole From Hot Tub?

Nichole Cadez from the fourth charter of season 9 is a loving mother, daughter and wife from Grand Junction, Colorado.

Her husband is Jerome, and they have a young daughter together. But they got to go on an adult-only vacation in the Caribbean thanks to her dad treating them to a trip on the Below Deck superyacht My Seanna.

By looking at Nichole’s Instagram, she likes to go to concerts, as well as beer and wine festivals.

She must’ve got her love of beer from her dad Michael, who is a distributor for Anheuser Busch, the beer conglomerate that owns Bud Light, Budweiser and many others.

Nichole and her husband also own two guinea pigs and an adorable dog named Noodles.

The Hot Tub Boob Incident & Regret

“This is some weird shit,” says Chief Stew Heather Chase in the preview after Nichole went topless.

It’s not really like Heather should judge, she’s the one suggesting she may have previously peed in the hot tub, as well as twerked in it. However, it is a bit weird that her dad is there when she let out her boobs.

Below Deck Charter Guest Nichole Getting Ready for The Hot Tub
Below Deck charter guest Nichole went topless in the My Seanna hot tub, which her dad, and breast cancer survivor, Michael was not a fan of (Screenshot, Bravo).

in the jacuzzi clip, Nichole enters the hot tub area of the My Seanna in a robe and warns her dad her “titties” are coming out. “Sorry dad.”

“Let me turn around, holy s***, I don’t want to see that,” says Michael, her dad.

In a Bravo insider exclusive, Nichole talked more about her experience on the Below Deck yacht.

“The yacht is way bigger than you all think. I got lost at least once,” said Nichole.

“That’s because she was drinking too much,” Michael said to his daughter.

Below Deck Charter Guest Shocked Nichole Let Boobs Out
A Below Deck season 9 charter guest is shocked Nichole is going topless in the hot tub (Screengrab, Bravo).

Fans found it funny and harmless Nichole went topless in the hot tub. But she does kind of wish she didn’t do it.

“Regrets. Getting my boobies out in the jacuzzi wasn’t probably the best thing to do.”

No one should be shaming Nichole for having a little fun on her adult-only vacation and making a kind of boring Below Deck season (so far) a little more entertaining. She certainly doesn’t come even close to the worst charter guests on Below Deck.

Apparently while in Saint Kitts Nichole was also attacked by a monkey!

Who are the Other Charter Guests With Nichole & Michael

Joining Michael and his daughter Nichole on their charter are family and friends. Micheal’s longtime girlfriend Jennipher Allen, who works for a primary care practice, was there.

Jennipher’s daughter Taylor Sadler, and her husband Justin also are on the charter and just recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary. They also have kids, and were excited to get away from everything and have some alone time on My Seanna. According to the charter guest sheet, “Taylor is a culinary school while Justin works in construction and is always the life of the party!”

Hmmm, it looks like Nichole beat Justin out this time for the “life of the party” award while on Below Deck.

The other two aboard the the My Seanna are friends Mallorie, who Micheal met years ago at a bar where she was serving him, and her husband Clint.

Nichole & Breast Cancer Survivor Michael Could Return to Below Deck

“Honest to god, he’s super patient. I don’t know how he deals with all of our drunken asses all the time,” said Nichole of Captain Lee in the Bravo exclusive.

Primary charter guest Michael Cadez also had a great time, despite his daughter’s bit of boob indiscretion.

“Thank you very much, Bravo, for the great time we had, cheers to everybody,” said Michael.

And it turns out Michael is open to treating his family and friends to another vacation on Below Deck.

Nichole told Taylor and Justin on Facebook her dad is open to chartering the yacht again!

What do you think, would you want to see Michael, Nichole and the gang again on Below Deck? Leave a comment!

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