Love Is Blind: Cole’s Dog Pics Hint At New Girlfriend

Love Is Blind: Cole's Dog Pics Hint At His New Girlfriend

Sorry ladies, it looks like Love Is Blind season 3 star Cole Barnett is off the market. Cole made a late-night Instagram post with the caption, “Swipe for a surprise” with a series of photos. Two photos show him embracing a Goldendoodle. The pet dog matches Cole’s suspected girlfriend Karlee Garcia‘s dog, named Bowie. Cole’s dog pics strongly reaffirm Love Is Blind diehard fans’ theory he’s dating the blonde Dallas-Fort Worth realtor.

Cole's Likely New Girlfriend Karlee Garcia

Cole’s likely new girlfriend Karlee Garcia was an elementary school teacher before becoming a realtor in 2021 (Instagram).

Cole Picking Up His Likely Girlfriend Karlee's Pet Dog Bowie

Cole picking up what may be his girlfriend Karlee’s pet dog Bowie (Instagram).

Update: Cole put up a video Instagram story on Sunday, Nov. 27, playing with Bowie (he says the dogs name as the Goldendoodle licks him relentlessly). “He’s telling you good job,” a girl says in the background who’s filming the video.

Cole Playing With Goldendoodle Bowie, His Girlfriend Karlee's Pet Dog

Love Is Blind star Cole Barnett play with Goldendoodle Bowie, the dog of his apparent girlfriend Karlee (Instagram).

Fans previously suspected Cole was dating Karlee because of previous social media posts that tied them together as a couple, including him making a TikTok video in what appears to be her bed. Karlee posted two Instagram stories earlier in the day of her pet Goldendoodle Bowie.

Cole's Suspected Girlfriend Karlee's Dog Bowie In Her Instagram Stories

Cole’s suspected girlfriend Karlee’s dog Bowie in her IG stories, He looks just like the groomed dog Cole posted pics hugging (Instagram).

Cole, age 27, posted a video of him dancing with a guy friend and a Goldendoodle that looks exactly like Bowie back in September. Karlee is also tagged in the post. She’s also tagged in Cole’s videos and pictures of a paddleboarding day trip where he’s taking care of Bowie.

Cole Holding Karlee's Dog Bowie While Paddle Boarding

Cole holding likely girlfriend Karlee’s dog Bowie (Instagram).

Karlee, who turned 25 years-old in late October, also has the same headboard as the one in a video where Cole made a TikTok video in bed and Goldendoodle dog Bowie jumps in at the end.

Cole's Possible Girlfriend Karlee's IG Post Of Bedroom

Cole’s suspected girlfriend Karlee working in bed (Instagram).

Love Is Blind star Cole playing with what looks like Karlee's dog Bowie in what appears to be her bed (TikTok).

Love Is Blind star Cole playing with what looks like Karlee’s adorable Goldendoodle dog Bowie in bed (TikTok).

Who Is Cole’s Suspected New Girlfriend Karlee After Love Is Blind Season 3

Cole’s likely new girlfriend Karlee Garcia works as a realtor in Texas-Fort Worth. Her Instagram reveals she’s close with her family and particularly her brother, who’s a professional golf player. She’s a big sports fan, cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Ranger. Like Cole, Karlee takes her Christian faith very seriously. Last May she celebrated Bowie turning two years-old.

Cole's Girlfriend's Dog Bowie As A Puppy

Cole’s girlfriend’s dog Bowie as an adorable puppy (Instagram).

Before meeting Cole, Karlee went to Texas A&M University where she was part of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Before working in real estate, Karlee was a 2nd grade teacher.

Love Is Blind Star Cole Barnett's Possible Girlfriend Karlee Celebrating Her Birthday

Love Is Blind star Cole Barnett’s likely girlfriend Karlee celebrating her 25th birthday (Instagram).

Love Is Blind fans on #TeamCole after the shocking reunion and Cuties Story will be happy to see Cole moving on from ex fiancée Zanab Jaffrey, age 32. Fans are dragging Zanab for slandering Cole and still suggesting he’s an abusive liar. Meanwhile, Cole’s Instagram indicates he’s moved on. We’ll have to wait for Cole and Karlee to stop beating around the bush about what exactly is their relationship to one another.

A lot of LIB fans will be disappointed if Cole’s taken. A lot of ladies have been sending Cole thirsty DMs and comments on his posts after they saw his vulnerable side on the season 3 reunion. They also feels sorry for having misjudged his character in the earlier episodes.

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