Below Deck Med: Fans Bash Kyle’s Tooth Infection Inaction

Below Deck Med: Fans Bash Kyle's Tooth Infection Inaction

If memories of the piercing pain from his tooth ache aren’t enough, Below Deck Med Stew Kyle Viljoen now has to deal with a head ache, too. Below Deck Med season 7 fans are bashing the stew and Chief Stew Natasha Webb for not acting faster on Kyle’s tooth infection.

Previously, Kyle foreshadowed his tooth infection in episode 6.

“My teeth babe. It’s really sore. But it’s not like I’m dying with pain, I’m going to continue with it,” Kyle told fellow Stew Natalya Scudder. The two would later get in a heated argument when their playful banter went sour. Although Kyle’s raging tooth ache probably had a lot to do with it, too.

“My tooth is actually really painful because I grind my teeth at night. I mean the jawline is fantastic, but it’s like really killing me.”

Below Deck Med Fans Criticize The Stews’ Response to Kyle’s Tooth Infection

In episode 7, Kyle’s teeth aching gets to unbearable levels. But Kyle and Natasha decide to let Kyle try and sleep it off, hoping it will go away in the morning. Like the Tooth Fairy, it was make believe.

Below Deck Med fans bashed the interior crew for not taking the tooth infection more seriously.

“…I say this with recognition that what we are viewing is edited, why on earth were Natasha and Kyle so short-sighted with his tooth issue? What infection just gets better on its own? Sending him to bed to rest just creates more work for everyone else and does nothing to address the issue. Extremely poor leadership and management all around,” said Reddit user Public_Patient6440.

Fans are also dragging Natasha for not taking command of the situation when her two stews were arguing in earshot of guests. Not only that, they really don’t like how she led Chef Dave White on, even if he acted terribly in response.

“Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either, they asked him if he wanted to go, and respected his saying no? Bizarro, dental infections are always serious. That should have been communicated directly to Sandy alongside a request for Kyle to leave the boat for immediate treatment,” chimed in TastyBreakfastSquid.

Although Natasha and Kyle got a lot of tooth flack, other fans defended their inaction.

“Maybe I am mistaken, but didn’t he say in a past episode that he grinds his teeth? I do too. And, if I I go without my mouthguard too often, I begin to ache. It often feels like I’ve got something, but since I don’t want to run to dentist every time I ache, I will redouble my efforts to wear my guard and see if it eventually goes away. Maybe, in the beginning, he hoped it was nothing until he couldn’t deny it any longer,” said Reddit user Consistent-Day424.

“But, wow, poor guy. He lost two teeth. Glad he finally went because had he waited, he could have become very sick or worse,” they added.

What do you think? Were Natasha and Kyle negligent in their response or did it make sense to wait because he grinds his teeth? Leave a comment!

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