Pawn Stars: How Much Money Chumlee Makes From Cameo & Memmo Videos

History’s Pawn Stars most lovable character Chumlee continues to capitalize on his reality TV stardom by giving paid shoutouts to fans on the apps Cameo and Memmo, making him thousands of dollars. Chumlee, 39 years old, has certainly made a lot of money for his net worth over the years as the goofy, underachiever employee of Rick Harrison’s World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop business.

Chumlee has made well over $85,000 from making short video clips on Cameo for fans. The Pawn Stars jokester charges $120 for each fan request video and has 708 reviews and a 4.9 star rating from fans. Chumlee would’ve made $85,000 from Cameo if just the customers who left reviews paid for shoutouts and they were all paying at the base rate of $120. However, Chumlee charges $2,500 for shoutouts for businesses, too. Factoring in customers who didn’t leave reviews and businesses that paid a lot more for a Chumlee shoutout, the Pawn Stars celebrity has made well over $100,000 reading short little scripts on video for fans.

Chumlee isn’t just hustling with his Cameo account, candy store (Chumlee’s Candy) and online clothing store though, but is also making some side coin moonlighting on Memmo. On Memmo, a competitor to Cameo, Chumlee’s account charges similar rates to his Cameo, although it isn’t as clear on the number of fans he gets from this account, but it’s safe to say he’s made tens of thousands more on the Cameo competitor.

Chumlee, real name Austin Russell, doesn’t have nearly the net worth of Luminar Technologies founder Austin Russell at $2.1 billion (according to Forbes), but he most certainly is a millionaire in his own right as long as he hasn’t blown all of his money he’s made from starring on Pawn Stars. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chumlee’s net worth is an estimated $5 million and he supposedly makes $25,000 per episode on Pawn Stars. However, Celebrity Net Worth‘s claims of Chumlee’s net worth and salary are dubious at best as there are no sources of the monetary figures stated. He at least was able to afford a Las Vegas home worth over a million that he sold in 2019 for $1.38 million, making him a slight profit. He’s sure come a long way from checking inventory and haggling to buy toys for the pawn shop.

Regardless of what his net worth is, Chumlee playing a starring role on a hit show with millions of viewers for over a decade certainly has made him a millionaire if he has been at all smart with his money. Whether he was a savvy businessman or a careless spendthrift with his own money (like he is with Rick Harrison’s money on Pawn Stars) isn’t clear.

But if Chumlee is hard for cash he can always fall back on his side hustles such as Cameo and Memmo. Perhaps social media influencing on Instagram and TikTok are next for Chumlee?

History’s hit show Pawn Stars airs on Saturdays at 8 ET.

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