Priya From Indian Matchmaking: Everything To Know About Her

Indian Matchmaking: Everything To Know About Priya From S3

Priya Ashra was the face of Sima Taparia‘s UK tour for Indian Matchmaking season 3. The clinical pharmacist looking to rekindle her love life spent most of the season trying to break out of her comfort zone. TV presenter and math teacher Bobby Seagull and data analyst Jai Vasani left her cold, but she nearly rejected Vimal Kasani for being too into her. After Sima Aunty set her straight, chilled-out marketer Vimal had a successful meetup with her friends and they experienced some physical affection. But what else is there to know about Priya? Let’s add some details to Priya’s biodata and fill in some gaps.

Indian Matchmaking: Everything To Know About Priya: Parents, Restaurant, Family, Age, Birthday & Travels

Priya celebrating New Years with friends

Priya celebrating New Years with friends (Instagram).

From Priya’s Instagram is a skilled at mixing it up, be it with her friends, at her pharmacy, or in the kitchen. She’s the hostess of the Tiku Tiku Supper Club, which has its own IG featuring Priya’s delicious eats. We have seen her tight relationship with parents Alka and Harish and sister Seeta as well as her circle of friends. Alka’s IG and Seeta’s IG  show that Seeta is an accomplished makeup artist. Unfortunately, Alka is sadly grieving the loss of her younger sister Bhavana, Priya’s aunt.

Priya is a hard-working, energetic Virgo based on her birthday of August 30, and is currently age 26. Other members of her family include her cousins Kejal and Nisha. Kejal Ashra-Blundell is a calligrapher and does comms for Lululemon, while Nisha is a marketer for Mindshare. Priya is also a fan of margaritas and specialized alcohol mixes, and has travelled to many countries such as Slovenia, Spain, Thailand and Mexico.

Indian Matchmaking: Picky Priya?

Priya Ashra having a drink in the park

Priya Ashra having a drink at the park (Instagram).

Priya has gotten some backlash for her unwillingness to clear the air with Vimal. A few tweeters are calling her “this season’s Aparna” but others are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. This is based on her painful divorce from her unnamed but untrustworthy ex-husband, who she knew for 11 years. Commenters seem most upset with Sima Aunty for calling her divorce a “disadvantage”. Others are a bit confused by the weird math around her age and divorce. She apparently started with him when they were teens, and divorced after two years, which means there are some unaccounted-for years there. However this can be explained by her being single after the divorce for longer than two years.

Another issue is that Priya and Vimal don’t seem to be following each other on Instagram. They don’t post pics of one another, but we’ve seen enough Netflix couples pull this trick to think twice. Remember that Aashay Shah and Viral Kothari weren’t following each other between seasons 2 and 3, and they were planning to marry. We’ll have to wait until season 4 to see if their storyline will continue. Finally, to Bobby’s credit, he seems to be genuinely happy for Priya and understands why they didn’t work out. You can find plenty of positive comments posted by him on Priya’s Instagram.

Though Priya may have a thing for some [bleep]boy energy, she’s no villain and we hope things worked out for her with Vimal.

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