BB 25: Big Brother Double Eviction Scaryverse Explained

BB 25: Big Brother Double Eviction Scaryverse Explained

The intense Double Eviction will come into play this coming Thursday on Big Brother 25. The Double Eviction is almost always explosive on its own, with two houseguests sent home in one episode. It will play out with the winner-take-all struggle between Cameron Hardin and the Fields family coming to a head. We’ll begin the episode with one eviction as per usual… but by the end, another vote will be cast and someone else will leave too. A lot is about to happen in a very short amount of time, so let’s proceed with BB 25 Scaryverse double eviction explained. 

BB 25 Scaryverse Double Eviction Explained – The Setup For Round 1

As of this writing, Week 7 HOH Jared Fields is taking aim at Cameron and the Cory Wurtenburger-America Lopez showmance dyad. He put Cory and America up on the block, trying to finish what Izzy Gleicher started and split them up for good. But then fan favorite Jag Bains won the POV and saved Cory. Jared, thinking short term as usual, struck back by nominating Cameron. Cameron is pretty much a dead man walking at this point.

However we’ll have a whole other cycle of HOH-nomination-POV-vote within the space of an episode. This means no time for a vote flip over days, including live feed strategizing, or Cirie Fields’ machinations. Whoever grabs the HOH will almost be assured to take out one of their preferred targets. And Jared, who was HOH already this week, can’t play for the position again. Has Jared finally shot himself in the foot once too often? We’ll have to wait until Thursday to be sure.

BB 25 Double Eviction Explained: Previous Double Evictions

The Double Eviction is all about quick power shifts, sudden backstabs, or finishing off persistent houseguests. The reigning champion of the double eviction is Dan Gheesling, who pulled insane Double Eviction double crosses to stay alive in seasons 10 and 14. Or, we could get a nailbiter situation like the one in season 13, where Jeff Schroeder beclowned himself when he lost a clown shoe and the game. Then we have obvious vendettas, such as the time when Christie Murphy survived four eviction attempts in season 21. Sadly for Christie, the 5th time was the charm as she was mercilessly crushed in the double eviction.

We’re also likely going to be treated to the spectacle of someone begging for their lives at the end of Round 2. That’s how quick the double eviction works, whoever’s up on the block without expecting it has to wing it, especially if the POV doesn’t go their way. And, who’s to say that Julie Chen Moonves won’t step in to say it’s triple elimination time? This happened on Big Brother 22, when the HOH got to nominate three houseguests in Round 2. Two of these unlucky three ended up going home, making three eliminations total in a single episode. In this case, the jury voted to save one person, and the other two houseguests went home. With the house wildly divided, and it being the 25th anniversary season, there’s any number of ways this could go on BB 25.

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