BB 25: Did Jag Use The Power Of Veto On America Or Cory

BB 25: Did Jag Use The Power Of Veto On America Or Cory

Big Brother 25 took a dramatic turn when the house’s alliance split after HOH Cameron Hardin‘s reign of terror resulted in Izzy Gleicher getting axed. Cirie Fields, her son Jared Fields, and Felicia Cannon wanted revenge, and after Jared won the wall HOH competition he took power of the house again. Jared planned to backdoor Cameron because of how strong the Southern vet is at winning competitions. So, Jared nominated showmance couple Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez for eviction. Then Jag Bains won the Power of Veto competition. So, did Jag use the Power of Veto on America or Cory to save one of his allies?

There’s a power vacuum in the house currently since Cirie, Izzy and Felicia lost their stranglehold on the other houseguests. Everyone is reassessing who they can trust and who they want to work with. In this tumultuous environment, Jag is very paranoid on who has his back. Who can blame him when he was supposed to join the list of BB 25 evicted houseguests after every remaining houseguest voted for him to get evicted on the night he was saved by Matt Klotz using his invincibility veto power.

That said, on the live feeds Jag appears to have reignited his friendships with the younger houseguests, including Cory and America, After all, Cory, America, Jag and Matt were the ones behind the plot to flip the vote last week.

Did Jag Use The Power Of Veto On Big Brother 25?

The veto ceremony took place on Monday, September 17 around 3 PM EST. Before the ceremony, both America and Cory were making their cases for why the POV should be used on them. Jag ultimately decided to use the POV on Cory. Jag doesn’t trust Cameron at all, and he knows Jared plans to backdoor Cameron. So it makes total sense for Jag to use the POV on either America or Cory. At first Jag was leaning towards saving America. Superfans on Twitter/X were closely monitoring Jag’s conversations to figure out who he was going to use the POV on.

Jared then backdoored Cameron as his replacement nominee.

Cory put his debating skills to good use to convince Jag it would be better to take him off the block. Unless Cameron can suddenly convince the houseguests to backstab America, he’s going to be evicted on Thursday. He’s alienated himself from the other houseguests and he’s a major threat because of his success winning competitions.

Meanwhile, Jared appears to be completely oblivious to his weak standing in the game now. He also has to worry about the double eviction happening this Thursday.

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