BB 25: Who Wins The Power Of Veto On Week 7 & Who’s Jared’s Replacement Nom

BB 25: Who Wins The POV On Week 7 & Who's Jared's Replacement Nom

Big Brother 25 really heated up in week 6 when then-HOH Cameron Hardin turned the game on its head by nominating house ringleaders Felicia Cannon and Izzy Gleicher for the block. The main target for weeks, Cameron managed to pit the house against itself, finally taking the heat off of him. Showmance couple America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger flipped the vote against an irate Izzy. So, new-HOH Jared Fields and his Survivor star mom Cirie Fields decided to go after the couple who betrayed their trust. Jared put Americory on the block. So, who wins the Power of Veto on Week 7 and who’s Jared’s replacement nominee if he Cory or America is off the block?

The Power of Veto competition took place on the middle of Saturday, September 15. The three houseguests guaranteed to play in the POV competition were Jared, America and Cory (HOH and nominees always play). On Saturday morning, Cory, Jared and America drew names of other houseguests. Jag Bains, Bowie Jane and Cameron all got selected to play in the Veto competition. It’s unclear if any of the three selected by draw were picked by houseguest choice. We’ll have to wait until Wednesday’s episode to find out those details.

In the end, Jag was the victor. So, did he take either America or Cory off the block? Some superfans watching the live feeds believed he’d take Cory off the block. However, at one point he was plotting with Matt to take out Cory. Jared as HOH already made it clear his intentions were for Cameron to get backdoored this week. After Monday’s veto ceremony, it was revealed Jag used the POV on Cory. Jared then put Cameron on the block as the replacement nominee. Cameron tried to use his deal with Jag about not putting him on the block this week to stop Jag from using the POV. However, the deal only stipulated Jag himself wouldn’t put up Cameron if he was the HOH.

America wanted Jag using the POV on her, not Cory, which caused friction in the their relationship. In the end, it almost certainly won’t matter. The entire house doesn’t like Cameron and he’s demonstrated he’s a comp beast, so houseguests will happily vote him out.

America and Cameron are the houseguests up on the block Thursday. However, the Scaryverse double eviction means not just Cameron is going home this week.

Last week’s POV competition took a long time because there were several knockout rounds. Also, Josh Duhamel hosted the POV competition because he was promoting his new show Buddy Games. That meant the game took over three hours to complete. This week’s competition didn’t take nearly as long.

Cirie after the selection of competitors for the POV competition this week went to the HOH room to tell Jared she wanted him to sacrifice her for his game and put her up as the replacement nominee if Cameron won. Thankfully for all the fans of the four-time Survivor competitor she didn’t have to sacrifice her own game.

The houseguests appeared to be tired and weak after facing a week of eating slop in the house (except Cameron). We’ll have to wait and see if this affected not just the HOH wall competition but also the POV gameplay.

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