Love Is Blind: All Jackie’s Red Flags Marshall Should Run From

Love Is Blind: All Jackie's Red Flags Marshall Should Run From

On Love Is Blind Season 4, Marshall Glaze and Jackelina Bonds‘ relationship is all but confirmed to have fallen apart. We’ve seen Jackie on a date with Josh Demas, despite fans pointlessly begging her not to. Jackie has posted and deleted on IG saying that she was called names by Marshall. Not to be outdone, some texts have surfaced that are alleged to be from Jackie, attacking Marshall’s sexuality. These texts make reference to Marshall twerking on a bed and Jackie reacting negatively, however they’re unverified at this point. If these are from her, she uses words like “sugar” and “fruity” to describe the man she said yes to. This in turn triggered another response from Marshall where he tweets, “The only sugar I got goes on those [bleeping] pancakes.” On Love Is Blind, all Jackie’s red flags are now impossible to ignore.

After a strong start, it seems clear that these two truly bring out the worst in each other. If we wanted to see where things went wrong, the signs were very clear from the beginning. However, Jackie has hidden a lot of her toxic traits beneath a fun-loving personality and a way with words. We laughed when she called Irina Solomonova a peasant, but as time went on we saw that’s how she treats many people, not just villainous Irina. She also stirred the pot in the pods, playing both sides in the drama with Irina and the other girls.

Jackelina and Marshall most likely break up after Love Is Blind season 4

Marshall is not perfect by any means, but of the two he does try harder to show love and Jackie’s rude behavior can bring out anyone’s ugly side. Let’s review all of Jackie’s red flags that were hidden in plain sight.

Love Is Blind: Jackie’s Red Flags — Two-Faced Jackie

Cauliflower-eared fighter Josh trying to woo Jackie on Love Is Blind season 4

Cauliflower-eared fighter Josh trying to woo Jackie on Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

Jackie’s desire to cause drama and stir the pot seemed to be less of a problem in the early going. Everyone was focused on Irina and Micah Lussier‘s Mean Girl, Frick and Frack act. Jackie did play both ends against the middle when Micah and Chelsea Griffin were in conflict at the pool party. Again, everyone was too focused on other people’s drama to notice. Then came the breakdown in Mexico where Jackie slammed a drink bottle on the table, startling Marshall. She then demanded he put the drink back in the fridge after he comforted her.

There’s no reason to doubt Jackelina’s story about being stressed over caring for her family. This abrupt way of treating her fiance who had been nothing but kind to her raised eyebrows, however. Because Jackie is so confident on the outside, it was treated as a blip. In fact it wasn’t until the final moments of episode eight that the cracks began to show completely show.  By the time Jackie was seriously considering an inebriated Josh’s advances at Chelsea’s party, the façade had totally crumbled.

Now, in episode nine, Jackie ditched the wedding dress fitting to meet up with bad boy Josh.

Love Is Blind: Jackie’s Red Flags — Looking For Her Daddy

The armchair diagnoses of Jackie have been fast and furious. You can’t click a discussion thread without seeing a suggestion that she go to therapy. Some try to defend her by saying that she wants a tough guy who will instigate arguments, but that doesn’t excuse stringing Marshall along. Comments mocking her sometimes “baby voice” and her immaturity are very common as well.

It does seem that Jackie is used to chaotic home situations and she’s not into the stable environment Marshall provides.

She apparently  wants “a boss” to tell her what to do, or “toxic love” as Marshall described it. She also belittled his masculinity the one night while living together in the Seattle townhouse apartment.

It’s also still not clear if Marshall sees her as a “project” or if he sees her more as coming from the projects. Either way, Jackie does seem to find affectionate guys unattractive. While she might even be right for Josh, she’s definitely not right for Marshall, and he won’t find happiness with her. We should have believed her when she said at the very beginning of the show that she was looking for her daddy, and not a balanced partnership marriage.

Find out if, red flags and all, Jackie and Josh are still together after Love Is Blind season 4.

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