Below Deck Adventure Spoilers: Charter Guests, Firings, Boatmances & More

Below Deck Adventure Spoilers: Charter Guests, Firings, Romances

Here are all the spoilers so far for Bravo’s Below Deck Adventure season 1, including charter guests, cast boatmances, breakups, & firings (Bravo).

The inaugural Below Deck Adventure season premiered on Bravo on November 1 and fans are eager to learn all about the ensuing drama that will take place on superyacht Mercury in Alesund, Norway. This shouldn’t need saying, but Below Deck Adventure spoilers ahead! Find out which cast members hookup and have boatmances, and if they’re still together after the show ended. Also find out which cast members get in fights with each other, and who likely gets fired from Below Deck Adventure season 1.

Below Deck Adventure Spoilers: Charter Guests Appearing On Show

Besides Bravo announcing Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay being one of the charter guests on Below Deck Adventure, the reality TV network hasn’t announced any other charter guests

Show Star News scoured Instagram to find out who a bunch of the other charter guests sailing in Norway will be. Charter guests appearing on Below Deck Adventure season 1 get to do some amazing and extreme activities while yachting in the cold northern seas and fjords. (It’s unclear if these added activities are an added expense of what charter guests pay to go on Below Deck.)

Some of the wild adventures on the show include: rappelling, helicopter rides, mountain climbing, biking and cave scuba diving! They also have the opportunity to go dog sledding and cold-water plunging; the boat’s hot tub will definitely come in handy. So, who are some of these brave adventurers going on a reality TV show to do extreme sports?

Charter guest and businessman entrepreneur Michael Gustav Kamens appears to be on one of the first charters of the show.

Below Deck Adventure Charter Guest Michael Kamens Touring Iceland

Below Deck Adventure charter guest and world traveler Michael Kamens touring Iceland (Instagram).

Michael works as the Automotive Dealership Operations Manager for Cherner Brothers Automotive in Washington, DC, according to his LinkedIn. He previously worked in luxury hospitality and tourism, including at the Ritz-Carleton Hotel Company. He now applies the same hospitality and tourism skills to his boutique travel agency called MK Lux Life. Michael’s Instagram and websites reveal amazing photography of the 27 countries he’s traveled to so far.

Michael & Other Charter Guests in Norway on Below Deck Adventure

Michael Kamens & other charter guests in Norway on Below Deck Adventure season 1 (Instagram).

Micahel Kamen On A Day Trip In Norway On Below Deck Adventure

Micahel Kamen on a day trip in Norway on Below Deck Adventure (Instagram).

Mortgage and real estate specialist Monalisa Nguyen is another charter guest who sailed the cold Norwegian waters. Monalisa’s Instagram includes some posts from her trip alongside her fellow charter guest, influencer and eye doctor (Optometrist) Jennifer Tsai. It looks like one of their fellow guests is the one who pukes in the Below Deck Adventure trailer.

Below Deck Adventure Charter Guest Monalisa

Below Deck Adventure charter guest Monalisa (Instagram).

Monalisa, Dr. Jennier & Other Charter Guests Who Went On Below Deck Adventure

Monalisa, Dr. Jennifer and other charter guests that went aboard superyacht Mercury in Norway (Instagram).

Engaged lesbian couple Jodie Turner and Shelby Turner were also charter guests on Below Deck Adventure and may have got engaged on the trip!

Below Deck Adventure Charter Guests & Lesbian Couple Jodie & Shelby

Below Deck Adventure charter guests & lesbian couple Jodie & Shelby on superyacht Mercury in Norway (Instagram).

Former Facebook employee and Uber Senior Client Partner Cam Gamble also went yachting on the reality TV show.

Uber Employee & Charter Guest Cameron Gamble

Uber Employee & charter guest Cameron Gamble (Instagram).

Charter guest Laura Armstrong and her Norwegian entrepreneur husband Carl Coward are followed by Below Deck Adventure cast and may have taken a charter on the superyacht, too. They took a trip at the time of filming and were in Alesund, where filming took place.

Possible Charter Guests Laura Armstrong & Carl Coward Near Below Deck Adventure's Filming Location

Possible charter guests Laura Armstrong & her Norwegian entrepreneur husband Carl Coward near Below Deck Adventure‘s filming location (Instagram).

Below Deck Adventure Boatmances & Breakups

The trailer for the latest Below Deck spinoff reveals a lot about the boatmances and hookups that happen on the show.

UK Bosun Lewis Lupton seems to get in a somewhat serious boatmance with Stew Oriana Schnepps. However, Oriana’s Instagram shows she’s now in a serious relationship with a charter guest from the premiere episode of the show! It looks like Lewis and Oriana’s boatmance ended with a breakup if they even made it official. Oriana’s now dating Below Deck Adventure charter guest John Dampeer. The two even met up on another yacht in Croatia shortly after the show’s filming ended, alongside other cast members, but apparently not Lewis.

Below Deck Adventure Boatmance: Bosun Lewis Kisses Stew Oriana In Hot Tub

Below Deck Adventure boatmance between Bosun Lewis and Stew Oriana includes snogging in the hot tub (Bravo).

Stew Oriana with her boyfriend restauranter John Dampeer, who was a charter guest in the premiere of Below Deck Adventure (Instagram).

Meanwhile, Chief Stew Faye Clarke hooks up with a deck crew member according to previews. Fans thought it was bad boy cowboy Deckhand Kyle Dickard. That would’ve been wild because they have an age gap of at least 11 years!

Below Deck Adventure's Chief Stew Faye Has Boatmance on Show

Below Deck Adventure‘s Chief Stew Faye shared an Instagram story showing her having a boatmance with one of the male crew members on the show (Instagram).

Kyle got fired on the third episode of Below Deck Adventure, so it looks like Faye’s love interest is his replacement.

Currently, Faye is in a serious relationship with someone closer in age.

Below Deck Adventure's Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke With Apparent Boyfriend

Below Deck Adventure‘s Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke in one of several posts with her apparent boyfriend (Instagram).

Although not revealed in the trailer, there may be a third boatmance on Below Deck Adventure. Stew and ex-Mormon Kasie Faddah may have something romantic going on with Deckhand Nathan Morley. They’ve met up together after the stopped filming and appear close.

Captain Kerry Fires Someone From The Deck Team On Below Deck Adventure

It’s been confirmed that someone gets fired (or quits) from the show. During the time of filming, Below Deck‘s casting put up a job post looking for a deckhand or bosun. Although Bravo hints that Michael Gilman struggles to adapt from working on commercial vessels to working on a superyacht, he likely survives the charter season. He posted a picture traveling in Amsterdam at the end of filming. Deckhand Kyle Dickard in the first episode is already confrontational with his crew mates, including Nathan. He also walks underneath Chef Jess Condy when she’s wearing a skirt which was wildly inappropriate! He also was harassing Kasie and threatened physical violence against Nathan. Captain Kerry saw and heard enough and fired Kyle immediately.

Below Deck Adventure's Michael: Job, IG, Age & More

Below Deck Adventure‘s Michael Gilman (Bravo).

Below Deck Adventure's Deckhand Kyle Dickard's Boatmance With Chief Stew Faye Clarke

Below Deck Adventure‘s Deckhand Kyle Dickhard embraces Chief Stew Faye Clarke while she’s working (Bravo).

Chief Stewardess Faye may also be on the chopping block. She has less than two years’ experience working in the role and gets in a feud with Oriana. Kasie, Oriana and Jess went on a trip to Croatia after filming together, but Faye doesn’t appear to be with the rest of the women from the season. Also, all other Below Deck spinoffs’ inaugural seasons have had a former cast member join the crew, so we may be getting someone from the alumni on the show mid-charter season.

Stew Oriana With Chef Jess & Possible Boyfriend In Croatia After Below Deck Adventure

Whatever happens, the latest spinoff of the Below Deck franchise promises lots of drama and adventure. It’s a refreshing change to the currently airing and stagnant Below Deck Med season 7.

Fans can tune in to the premiere episode of Below Deck Adventure on Nov. 1 at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo or Peacock the following day.

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