Physical 100’s Kim Sik: Skeleton Coach’s IG, Job & More

Physical 100's Kim Sik: Skeleton Coach's IG, Job & More

Physical 100‘s Kim Sik wowed fans after he pushed his body to the limits by holding up a large 50 kg (110 lbs) boulder over two hours competing against car dealer strongman Jo Jin-hyeong. The two competed in Quest 4’s Punishment of Atlas competition and Kim Sik almost made it to the finals. The skeleton coach graciously let his mentee and Olympic gold medalist Yun Sung-bin compete in The Punishment of Sisyphus because he thought the younger athlete had a better shot at winning the 300 million won prize.

Before getting eliminated near the end of the show, Kim Sik defeated his opponent in Quest 1’s one-on-one death match. He then joined Yun Sung-bin’s team for Quest 2’s Moving Sand competition they successfully won. After that, they allied Ma Sun-ho‘s team to get second place in Quest 3’s ship-dragging competition. Quest 4 was the end of the road for Kim Sik, but here’s everything viewers need to know about the fan-favorite.

Skeleton coach Kim Sik showing off his tattoos

Skeleton coach Kim Sik showing off some of his tattoos (Instagram).

Physical 100‘s Kim Sik’s Instagram, Skeleton Coach Job, Age & More

Kim Sik competing in the 4-man bobsled

Kim Sik competing in the 4-man bobsled (Instagram).

Kim Sik’s Instagram reveals the loveable Physical 100 star is in incredible shape despite being age 37 (he celebrates his birthday is on Nov. 11). Kim Sik works out daily and can bench press 150 kg or 330 lbs! The former Olympian bobsledder weighs 100 kg or 220 lb and 1.84 meters or 6′ 0″.

Kim Sik loves tattoos, including having sleeves on his one leg and arm. He competed in the 4-man bobsled team in the Sochi 2014 Olympics. They finished in 28th place. He then coached skeleton at the Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympics and the Beijing 2022 Olympics. Kim Sik also teaches students and volunteers to help clean up the environment.

Physical 100 competitor Kim Sik cleaning up garbage

Physical 100 competitor Kim Sik cleaning up garbage (Instagram).

Kim Sik’s also a talented baseball hitter.

According to Physical 100 Redditors, Kim Sik has competed in strongman competitions against Jo Jin-hyeong in the past.

“Guy has such an impressive physique for someone who wasn’t much in the limelight,” one fan pointed out.

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