Physcial 100 Quest 3: Rules, Strategy, Winners & Losers

Physcial 100 Quest 3: Rules, Strategy, Winners & Losers

Physical 100‘s competition heated up in the third quest. Teams of ten were required to drag a 1.5 ton wooden ship across a sandy arena. The AI computer host told the contestants the six teams of five needed to make a team alliance with another group to compete together. Before the latest competition, cast members competed in a pre-quest where they had to see who could hang above water the longest, then they fought in the one-on-one death match for Quest 1. After that, the remaining fit reality TV competitors made teams of five for Quest 2 “Moving Sand”. Quest 2 losers then participated in a side revival quest where five winning contestants got to rejoin the show. Here’s everything fans need to know about the latest survival match, Physical 100‘s Quest 3, including rules, strategy, winner and losers.

Physical 100 Quest 3: Rules & Strategy

“We’ll time how long it takes to move the 1.5-ton ship to the dock. Out of the three allied teams, the team with the worst record will be eliminated,” the AI computer host told competitors on Physical 100 about Quest 3.  The six teams of five had to talk among the other groups to see who would ally with them.

After the team selection (explained below), the computer host told the competitors Quest 3 mostly involves brute strength. “Muscle strength is the most important element in this quest.”

The rule for dragging the 1.5 ton ship (actually 2 tons with cargo included) are pretty simple. Before pushing the ship across the arena, competitors need to gather ten oak barrels. Scattered in the sand, the ten oak barrels have to be dug out and loaded onto the ship before they move the ship to the dock. One of the oak barrels needs to be smashed out of a wooden box using a hammer. To move the ship across the ground the players need to place wooden logs so the ship can roll over them towards the dock without as much friction. Once the teams get their ships to the dock they have to attach the ship to a rope and pulley. Then they pull on the rope to pull the ship up the slope of the dock. Each game ends once a team gets the ship over the iron stake.

“Also, after the third quest, if you lose, that’s it. There will be no more survival games,” the AI computer added.

The first team to compete, car salesman Jo Jin-hyeong’s team and MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon‘s team made sure to all focus on getting the barrels into the ship. Some of the teammates had trouble with the bigger sized barrels. They also struggled to get the boat moving at first because they weren’t synchronized when pushing and they weren’t all pulling from the front.

The second allied teams to go at the end of episode six had a similar strategy. However, they were able to get more momentum pushing the boat because they were more synchronized in moving the boat.

How Teams Allied For Quest 3 On Physical: 100

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Female wrestler Jang Eun-sil and her team of underdogs tried to team up with Jo Jin-hyeong’s team because of his massive leg muscles. Jo Jin-hyeong politely rejected them. Then the five revived players (Kim Sang-wook, Lee Jun-myeong, Choi Sung-hyuk, Seong Chi-hyun and Shim Eu-ddeum) who automatically formed the final team also tried to ally with Jo Jin-hyeong’s stronger team. Jo Jin-hyeong and his team also rejected them for having injured members and women.

Choo Sung-hoon or Yoshihiro Akiyama competing in MMA

Physical 100‘s Choo Sung-hoon or Yoshihiro Akiyama competing in MMA (Instagram).

Eventually the team leaders convened to make the final decision on which teams would partner up. As aforementioned, Jo Jin hyeong and his teammates (cyclist Jung Hae-min, Olympian lugers Park Jin-yong and Cho Jung-myung, and stuntwoman Kim Da-young) amd Choo Sung-hoon’s team (boxer Shin Bo Mi-rae, former snowboard coach and CrossFitter Woo Jin-yong, mountain rescuse team and national ice climber Kim Min-Cheol, and professional baseball player Dustin Nippert) finished the quest relatively quickly.

Next, skeleton Olympic gold medalist Yun Sung-bin’s team (national team skeleton coach Kim Sik, K-pop dancer Cha Hyun-seung, wrestler Son Hee-dong, and bodybuilder Seol Ki-kwan) competed alongside bodybuilder Ma Sun-ho’s team (bodybuilder Kim Kang-min, actor and model Jeong Han-saem, dancer and choreographer Miracle, and bodybuilder Song A-reum). They appeared to be strong up until the end of episode six when they were pulling the boat up the dock.

Wrestler Jang Eun-sil’s team — CrossFit Seo Ha-yan, Olympic gold medalist gymnast Yang Hak-seon, personal trainer Miho, and MMA fighter Park Hyung-geun — will compete in Quest 3 in the unreleased episode 7 with the revived players: MMA fighter Kim Sang-wook, calisthenics coach Lee Jun-myeong, pole sports athlete Choi Sung-hyuk, casino dealer Seong Chi-hyun and CrossFitter Shim Eu-ddeum. These two teams have the most women and injured players. Physical 100 fans believe this team is going to have the slowest time in Quest 3 and get eliminated.

Physical 100 Winners & Losers From Third Quest & Their Times

Jo Jin-hyeong and Choo Sung-hoon’s teams competed together first in Quest 3. They ended up finishing with the best time of 13 minutes and 34 seconds. They crushed the other teams’ times.

In second place, Yun Sung-bin’s team and Ma Sun-ho’s team worked well together to finish at 19 minutes and 55 seconds, saving them from elimination.

Finally, Jang Eun-sil’s team and the revived competitors finished the quest in 22 minutes and 15 seconds, coming in last place. They finished two minutes and 20 seconds later than the previous team, thus being sadly eliminated. It was an especially bitter pill to swallow for the Physical 100 cast members who just got revived on the show.

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