Physical 100’s Quest 2 Rules, Strategy, Winners & Losers

Physical 100's Quest 2 Rules, Strategy, Winners & Losers

Netflix’s top hit show Physical 100‘s remaining 50 competitors after Quest 1 hung out in their living quarters after surviving the first elimination round. But they didn’t get to rest easy long. In episode four contestants were corralled in front of the AI computer host again to start Quest 2 called “Moving Sand”. The English voiceovers, hangul (Korean writing) and the many Physical 100 cast members can make it confusing for non-Korean viewers to sometimes follow. So here are Physical 100‘s Quest 2 rules, winners and losers laid out for fans needing a explanatory review.

Physical 100‘s Quest 2 Rules & Team Leaders

Physical 100 cast members pick the top three competitors they wanted to team up with

Physical 100 cast members pick the top three competitors they wanted to team up with. which decided team leaders (Netflix).

Quest 2 started with the computer AI host ordering each of the remaining 50 players to select their top three picks of fellow competitors they wanted to compete on the same team with. The AI host told the surviving Physical: 100 cast they would be competing in teams of five against another team, implying that another 25 competitors would be eliminated after Quest 2 was completed. All 50 cast members were given a survey card with all competitors on it.

The contestants weren’t told why they were selecting the three competitors, but it turned out to be a trick question, the top 10 picks on the survey were divided up as the 10 team leaders for Quest 2. Each team leader, starting with the top ranked pick, then got to decide which four competitors they wanted on their team based on whichever competitors lined up wanting to be on their team.

The AI computer host announced the following competitors, in order of ranking, as the ten team leaders: Yun Sung-bin, Nam Kyung-jin, CrossFitter Kwak Myung-sik, Choo Sung-hoon, Tarzan, MMA fighter Kim Sang-wook, Ma Sun-ho, Jo Jin-hyeong, Jang Seong-min, and Jang Eun-sil.

The teams selected (more on that below) then competed against another team in an arena in a race against time. Each team was given planks, a sand box, a half-completed swinging rope bridge, a sand pit, and a sandbox. The AI host told competitors the overall goal of Quest 2 “Moving Sand” is a key of overall strength and sense of balance. Cast members then had to build the rest of the bridge by adding the remaining planks and secure them with straps so that their team could then transport sand up the stairs and across the bridge to dump sand down a tube into their sandbox.

A crucial rule of the game is teammates “cannot give or take sandbags to or from each other on the bridge”. The two teams competing against each have 12 minutes to fill their sandbox with as much sand as possible. The team with the most sand in their sandbox after time runs out wins Quest 2 “Moving Sand”.

Physical 100 Quest 2’s Team Selections

After the team leaders were selected, cast members lined up to pick which team leader’s team they wanted to be on. Some cast members got rejected by the team leader they chose and had to wait for another team leader to pick them. The team leaders with the most contestants lined up to be on their team got to select competitors first.

First, team leader skeleton gold medalist Yun Sung-bin picked national team skeleton coach Kim Sik, K-pop dancer Cha Hyun-seung, wrestler Son Hee-dong, and bodybuilder Seol Ki-kwan to be on his team. Then team leader and wrestler Nam Kyung-jin picked CrossFit influencer Shim Eu-ddeum, fitness trainer Jjang Jae, CrossFitter Hwang Bit-yeo-ul, and MMA fighter Park Hyung-geun.

Travel YouTuber Tarzan then picked: rapper Dbo, fitness model and YouTuber Shim Eu-Ddeum, fitness model and university student Im Jeong-Yun, and personal trainer Bang Seong-Hyeok. Next, MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon selected boxer Shin Bo Mi-rae, former snowboard coach and CrossFitter Woo Jin-yong, mountain rescuse team and national ice climber Kim Min-Cheol, and professional baseball player Dustin Nippert.

After that, MMA fighter Kim Sang-wook picked signer Ovan, MMA fighter Joo Dong-jo, bodybuilder An Da-Jeong, and bodybuilder Bang Ji-hoon. Then bodybuilder Ma Sun-ho’s team: Bodybuilder Kim Kang-min, actor and model Jeong Han-saem, dancer and choreographer Miracle, and bodybuilder Song A-reum.

Car dealer and strongman athlete Jo Jin-hyeong picked: cyclist Jung Hae-min, Olympian lugers Park Jin-yong and Cho Jung-myung, and stuntwoman Kim Da-young,

Korean CrossFit champion in 2020 Kwak Myung-sik picked fitness model and coach Jong-hyeok, national team bobsledder Kang Han, calisthenics coach Lee Jun Myeong, and chef Lee Min-u.

Next, rugby player Jang Seong-min chose bodybuilder Kim Ye-hyun, fitness model and casino dealer Seong Chi-hyun, pole sports athlete Choi Sung-hyuk, and dancer and bodybuilder Lee Guk-young. Finally, wrestler Jang Eun-sil: CrossFit Seo Ha-yan, Olympic gold medalist gymnast Yang Hak-seon, personal trainer Miho, and MMA fighter Park Hyung-geun.

Quest 2 Winning Strategy, Winner & Losers

Competitors running across the bridges in Quest 2 on Physical100

Competitors running across the bridges in Quest 2 on Physical 100 (Netflix).

The winning strategy for the teams that mostly won were to have two team members help build the rest of the bridge. Teams that only had one person building the bridge generally lost. Stuntwoman Kim Da-young was instrumental in her team winning because she knew how to put the bridge planks on tight so the bridge didn’t collapse at all as team members ran across.

In the first round wrestler Nam Kyung-jin pitted his team against fellow wrestler Jang Eun-sil, which was basically a betrayal because they were supposed to stick together. Well his treasonous move to stay on backfired. Jang Eun-sil’s team built their bridge better and got a bit of a head start which helped them get a bit more sand in their sandbox. Nam Kyung-jin’s bridge collaped and he fell down in a net of defeat.

Ma Sun-ho and his team the competed against Kim Sang-wook’s group. Ma Sun-ho and co. ended up winning handily.

After that battle, team Yun Sung-bin faced off against team Jang Seong-min. Despite Jang Seong-min’s team getting a head start with bridge completion, the brute strenth and athleticism of the top team made up for the lag in pouring sand. Jang Seong-min’s team ended up the losers of the quest.

Choo Sung-hoon’s older team then battled against Tarzan’s younger team. Wisdom and experience taught the youth a lesson in foresight and working smarter, not harder. Tarzan’s team was dominated when the sand was measured.

Finally, team Jo Jin-hyeong faced off against team Kwak Myung-sik. Stuntwoman Kim Da-young’s patient precision in building the bridge pushed Jo Jin-hyeong’s team ahead for the win.

Although 25 contestants were eliminated at the end of Quest 2 on Physical: 100, a side quest called Quest 25 was a survival game that the losers for to compete in. Find out who returned back to the game after winning Quest 25 here.

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