Who Wins Squid Game The Challenge (Spoilers) & $4.56 Million Prize

Who Wins Squid Game The Challenge (Spoilers) & $4.56 Million Prize

456 contestants entered Squid Game The Challenge and only three remain. There’s imposing bearded artist Sam Lantz (Player #016), devious strategist Mai Whelan (#287), and multitalented musician/scuba diver/athlete Phill Cain (#451). Just days remain until we will finally learn who wins Squid Game The Challenge. But has the winner already been leaked? Will Netflix have to pull the NDA card? And will one of the show’s most hated villains become a real-life casualty? Let’s recap all we know in preparation for the long-awaited finale.

Who Wins Squid Game The Challenge? Trailer Tidbits

Did Sam recently celebrate with friends winning Squid Game The Challenge

Did Sam recently celebrate with friends winning Squid Game The Challenge (Instagram).

Everyone’s seen the trailer, which features the three finalists in fine tuxedos, being served a gourmet meal at a triangle shaped table. We’re told there will be one final game, which seems to involve selecting a triangle, circle, or square. And we also see the creepy pink-suited Squid Game guards, standing in the dark as a house-shaped graphic is drawn under their feet. Of course, the house is composed of the circles, squares and triangles that repeat throughout the show. We see Mai and Phill crying, which has been another repeating theme of this show for better or for worse. Depending on the nature of the challenge, any one of these three could win on paper.

Mai has the best poker face, is the best strategist and is good at detecting lies and not bad at making up her own. But, since Sam and Phill have been in a quiet alliance before the Glass Bridge game, Mai would be at a disadvantage if they teamed up. Mai is also the oldest of the three contestants and would be in big trouble if the last challenge is an athletic one. Phill is the better all around athlete given their quadball and scuba diving background. The extremely ripped Sam would have a clear advantage if strength is called for. However, Phill’s crying scene from the trailer is at the table while Mai’s is in a confessional. We have never seen any contestant in a confessional after elimination. Also, Mai has only ever cried after someone she was close to was eliminated.

Sam buying some nice swag recently and going to Disney World a lot lately after the show

Sam buying some nice swag recently and going to Disney World a lot lately after the show (Instagram).

Who Wins Squid Game The Challenge? Social Media Spoilers

The big “spoiler” everyone is upset about is a Twitter/X post from Ashley Tolbert (#278). In it, she thanks Sam for taking her and Phalisia Booth (#229) to Disneyland. The thinking is that Sam was financially strapped before the show as a starving artist. So how could he afford to take two other contestants to Disneyland unless he won? Ashley has been repeatedly dragged online by fans for her selfish gameplay during the Glass Bridge challenge. She refused to take the 50-50 risk of jumping to an unexplored space on the bridge like the other contestants. Her actions contributed to the elimination of fan favorite Trey Plutnicki (#301) who, because of the ticking clock, decided to take three jumps before his luck ran out.

This led to a feud between Mai and Ashley, and it was Phill who eliminated Ashley in the Circle of Trust game. Therefore, it makes sense that Sam would be the only one to keep ties with Ashley. But, we haven’t seen Ashley in any friendly videos and comments between the 456 players. Phalisia is her only real show friend, appearing with her in an Entertainment Tonight video and a few pictures. There is one post where Ashley did attend a Squid Game official event, posed in a group photo, and took blurry photos with Trey and Phill. So, while Ashley might not have violated any NDA’s, she is not high on many cast members’ Christmas lists. Further complicating the situation is Mai’s lack of social media. So, if Sam looks like his wardrobe has gotten an upgrade with new Nike shoes on IG, does that necessarily mean he won?

The only way anyone can be sure is to tune in to the finale out on Netflix on Wednesday, Dec. 6!

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