The Real World Austin: What Happened To Rachel Moyal?

The Real World Austin: What Happened To Rachel Moyal?

Wild personalities are key to any reality show and Rachel Moyal didn’t disappoint on The Real World Austin. Throwing an Iraq war veteran in the mix in 2005, when public opinion was really beginning to sour on the US presence there? With Rachel’s confrontational personality, unresolved PTSD and tendency to play the field while still in a relationship, she was reality gold. Watch the season back and you’ll quickly understand that you would never get away with featuring her on TV today. She got into screaming matches with Nehemiah Clark over the war and ratted out Wes Bergmann for his cheating ways. Despite her chaos she had some genuinely sweet moments. She reconnected with boyfriend Erik and grew to appreciate Nehemiah’s perspective just a little. But now, almost two decades later, what happened to Rachel Moyal?

What Happened To Rachel Moyal? Research/Health Care Job, Education History

Another California resident, Rachel was born in Valencia, near LA. She was a combat nurse in Iraq, but today she has parlayed her health care experience into a career as a Senior Clinical Implementation Specialist. Rachel actually has the most polished resume of the cast by far. She has a degree in Human Biology from University at Albany, and a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Albany Medical College. Finally, she earned a Doctor of Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She’s assisted in surgeries and emergency medicine and was an associate professor for a time. You can check out her LinkedIn here.

It seems Rachel has never forgotten her military experience as she is still part of the Stand-To Veteran Leadership Program. Most of her research is around redeployment of health care practitioners during crises, and addressing burnout. She’s also spoken at the American Association of Surgical Physician Assistants, speaking on career development. Maybe her research interests were informed by her time on the show? Rachel recently turned 41, on November 17th, which makes her astrological sign Scorpio. This fits with her intense and focused personality.

What Happened To Rachel Moyal? Reality Show History, Winnings, Memorable Moments, IG, Marriage & Family

Rachel is also a winner of a season of The Challenge, specifically The Gauntlet III alongside Nehemiah and Johanna Botta. It was a full circle moment as she and Nehemiah went from arguing about the Iraq war to winning $50,000. She also competed on The Inferno 3. While on The Inferno, she recorded another memorable moment when she broke down and cried after being eliminated. She said that she was embarrassed that a “chubby civilian girl” could beat her.

The busy Rachel maintains an IG account, but it is private and only has 3,230 followers. We can’t find out a lot about what she’s doing now from her IG, but we know she got married in 2009 and goes by Rachel Moyal-Smith. She also became a mom soon after.  Her reality show career was brief, and it seems she is much better suited to civilian life.

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