Below Deck Adventure’s Stew Oriana: IG, Boyfriend, Jobs & More

Below Deck Adventure's Stew Oriana: IG, Boyfriend, Job, Boatmance

Below Deck Adventure‘s Stew Oriana Schneps makes quite the splash on the Below Deck franchise’s fourth spinoff show. The stewardess from Boston will not only get herself into a boatmance, but also gets into conflict with the interior team, according to Bravo. It’s unclear yet if the drama involves her boss, Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke, Chef Jess Condy, and/or Stew Kasie Faddah. Here’s everything fans need to know about Below Deck Adventure‘s Oriana Schneps before the show premieres on Nov. 1 on Bravo.

Below Deck Adventure Stew Oriana’s Instagram, Boyfriend & Boatmance

Although Stewardess Oriana Schneps has a boatmance with Bosun Lewis Lupton while on Below Deck Adventure season 1, it appears she has a boyfriend who she served while working on the show! Oriana’s Instagram has several recent posts of her spending time with San Francisco restauranteur owner John Dampeer. He also was one of the charter guests on the first charter in Below Deck Adventure‘s premiere episode. Oriana recently visited John and his restuarant Fool’s Errand on the west coast, too. Stew Oriana and boyfriend charter guest John had a watch party with friends who were also charter guests in Norway. She also apologized to her boyfriend and told him she loved him when the clip of her kissing Lewis showed up on the previews while filming an IG story.

The two even met up on another yacht trip in Croatia after Oriana wrapped up filming Below Deck Adventure. Oriana also went on the trip with Chef Jess, who she seems to have become good friends with.

Stew Oriana With Chef Jess & Possible Boyfriend In Croatia After Below Deck Adventure

Oriana also became good friends with Deckhand Nathan Morley. The two hung out in Washington, DC, together on a trip.

While on superyacht Mercury in Norway, Oriana and Lewis had a boatmance teased in the show’s trailer. It doesn’t appear to have just been a one-night drunken hot tub make-out session either. Another clip in the trailer shows her resting her head on Lewis in front of other crew. Chief Stew Faye Clarke also complains to her other stew that Oriana went behind her back and told Lewis about something. It looks like Faye and Oriana could have a rocky work relationship throughout the charter season.

Below Deck Adventure Boatmance: Bosun Lewis Kisses Stew Oriana In Hot Tub

Below Deck Adventure boatmance between Bosun Lewis and Stew Oriana ends up with kissing in the hot tub (Bravo).

Stew Oriana’s Job, Background, Hobbies & More

Oriana has had a lot of jobs since completing her studies in biomedical management at University of Massachusetts Amherst. From 2016 to 2018 Oriana worked as a chief stewardess on yachts, according to her LinkedIn. She then went on to manage homes of wealthy venture capitalists’ estates in New York City, hiring and managing the staff to take care of their homes.  She also founded her own ecommerce store on Amazon. She also worked as an account marketing executive and created her own digital media company helping hospitality businesses with their digital presence.

If that resume wasn’t enough, she also recently worked as a yacht broker, selling boats! On top of that, the serial entrepreneur co-created her own blockchain company called Lazy 8ight Yacht Club, which “builds generative 3D models of luxury mega yachts at scale, using blockchain technology. These models are 100% traversable and metaverse ready.”

Oriana comes from an affluent family from Cambridge, Massachusetts. She learned to scuba dive, horseback ride, and fence at an early age. She’s also traveled the world on family vacations and throughout her twenties. She even met President Obama growing up! Her equestrian skills will come in handy on Below Deck Adventure, because one of the charter guest activities is horseback riding.

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