BB 25: Why Reilly May Get The Votes To Not Get Evicted

BB 25: Why Reilly May Get The Votes To Not Get Evicted

It’s getting hectic in the Big Brother house as the first big rivalry of the season has taken shape. In one corner we have Reilly Smedley, the season’s first HOH and the on-paper dual-head of The Handful alliance. In the other we have Dr. Hisam Goueli, the burlesque-dancing doctor who has emerged as a force and a threat, winning the last three competitions. The struggle began after on overconfident Reilly blabbed to Hisam about him being The Handful’s main target. This lit a fire under Hisam and he began to dominate the competitions, winning the HOH and POV for Week 2. Now, with both Reilly and her Handful teammate Cameron Hardin on the block for Thursday, Reilly must beg for sympathy to survive — since she failed to win the Veto.

If that wasn’t bad enough for Reilly, the rest of The Handful appears to be getting cold feet. Cameras picked up two more Handful members, Jag Bains and Blue Kim, agreeing that Reilly was a dead woman walking and making their own alliance. Sensing weakness, Hisam absolutely unloaded on Reilly in his Veto speech and expects a unanimous vote to remove her. We’ve already had one unanimous vote when Kirsten Elwin was kicked off first.

Notwithstanding all that, Reilly, who is used to handling tough situations, may be able to somehow survive. Obviously, Hisam’s Professors alliance is not thrilled with him either after slamming Reilly. They’re also tired of him getting on his high horse about playing an honest game. Consequently, he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s made many powerful enemies. Izzy Gleicher and Jared Fields were caught scheming about how Hisam’s behaviour reflected on them.

Meanwhile Mecole Hayes and Cirie Fields are plotting to “chop his feet from under him.” The Bye Bye Bitches alliance is ready to serve him a nasty surprise. Reilly’s teammates may be looking out for their own, but Hisam’s are actively thinking about backstabbing him. So, if any of these four win Veto, Reilly may be saved. Remember, though, that both Reilly and Hisam now have huge targets on their backs so neither of them will be safe in future weeks no matter what happens.

If Reilly can secure seven votes, she is saved. Matt Klotz of The Handful may be deaf, but he’s not blind, and he and Reilly have been quite close of late. He’s obviously Reilly’s safest vote. Jag has never gone against Reilly, and they have a final two agreement, so he is #2.

Felicia Cannon does have her deal with Reilly not to screw her over, and we can’t see her breaking that, so that’s #3. But, Cirie, Cory and Izzy have just recently pinky sworn to vote against Reilly. Mecole said in her storage room rant that Reilly has to go, so Reilly can’t count on her vote. But Cirie and Izzy are contemplating voting out Cameron just to backstab Hisam.

Blue is unlikely to stab Hisam and we can’t forget about the budding showmance with her and Jared, so she and Jared are unconfirmed. Jared also sort of betrayed Reilly after he used his nether region power to send Jag away for the week, protecting him from the nominations instead of Reilly.

That leaves America Lopez, Bowie Jane Ball, and Red Utley. America ended the last episode undecided. Bowie Jane and Red haven’t declared either. But Bowie Jane was definitely upset by Hisam’s speech.

Our prediction is that Reilly rides it out. (Who’s better for TV, a calculating pretty blonde or a middle-aged stay-at-home dad?) However, with significant damage to her reputation and chances of winning the show.

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