Below Deck Charter Guests Tony & Porscha Pick Favorite Cast Member

Below Deck Season 9 Charter Guests Porscha & Tony Thornton
Below Deck season 9’s Porscha and Tony Thornton picked their favorite crew member when they were charter guests on the show (Screengrab, Instagram).

Retired Naval Officer Tony Thornton posted a video of his wife Porscha picking their favorite cast member from when they were charter guests on Below Deck season 9.

Who Are Charter Guests Tony & Porscha Thornton

Tony and Porscha, married for several years, both work at Tony’s tech company Just One Technology. The two love sports and live in wealthy Potomac, Maryland. They’re big fans of football and basketball, including watching the NBA’s Washington Wizards courtside. They are also very close with their friends and family. Tony’s Facebook account full of good times with their loved ones.

While aboard My Seanna on Below Deck season 9, Tony and Porscha traveled with their close friends.

Although Tony and Porscha enjoyed their time on the superyacht, not everyone left impressed with the service. Fellow charter guest Melissa Dancy was upset that her husband was served dairy despite his preference sheet stating he’s allergic to dairy. Below Deck fans agreed with her and are dragging Heather for mishandling the allergy situation.

Below Deck Season 9 Charter Guests Tony & Porscha
Below Deck season 9 primary charter guest and retired naval officer Tony in uniform with his loving wife Porscha (Facebook).

Tony doesn’t appear to be happy about what happened either. He liked the Show Star News story on Twitter about Chief Stew Heather Chase taking heat for her unprofessionalism.

Porscha Loves Below Deck First Officer Eddie Lucas’s Professionalism

One Below Deck season 9 crew member Porscha couldn’t stop raving about for being great was First Officer Eddie Lucas. Tony Thornton shared a video of the two where Porscha sang Eddie’s praises.

“Eddie’s my favorite, he absolutely is…” said Porscha. “This was Eddie. ‘May I help you? Is Everything Okay? What would you like? Are you good?’ But without it being like… in your space, none of that. None of that. But it was a good balance. Eddie was like having a best friend, who owned a yacht, and said, ‘Come hangout with me on the weekend, and anything you need, I got it.'”

Tony immediately agreed with Porscha’s assessment of holding Eddie in the highest esteem.

Eddie responded to the Instagram version of the video post returning the love.

“Aww you guys! And seriously the feeling was mutual! Your group was by far my favorite of the season. Y’all made it easy and fun! Can’t wait to get together again!” Eddie gushed.

Noticeably absent from the discussion of the best Below Deck crew member were Heather and Deckhand Rayna Lindsey.

Charter Guests Tony & Porscha On Below Deck
Charter guests Tony and Porscha kiss while on superyacht My Seanna during their time on Bravo’s Below Deck (Facebook).

Either way, it’s hard to see Captain Lee’s crew getting anything close to season 9’s top tip of $25,000 from Tony at the end of this charter considering the service. However, it looks like Captain Lee officiating the renewing of the charter guests’ wedding vows might make up for the poor service at the first dinner.

Fans can follow Tony’s Instagram here and Porscha’s Instagram here.

Next episode, Heather’s friend and new stew Kaylee Milligan joins Below Deck season 9 cast. That’s bound to stir some more drama with Rayna.

In other news, the Below Deck season 9 reunion episode was apparently filmed on Sunday, per Rayna.

Make sure to tune in at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo Monday night.

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