Below Deck: Meet Broom Girl Charter Guest & Artist Rachel

Which Below Deck Charter Guest Is Broom Girl From Chelsea's Friends
On Below Deck season 9, episode 9, a weird charter guest with a floating broom she talks to is onboard My Seanna. It’s Chelsea’s friend Rachel, a professional photographer (Screenshot, Bravo)?

Fans need to know who the weird charter guest nicknamed “Broom Girl” is on season 9 of Below Deck. And what is Reiki?

“What’s up with the, uh, broom girl?” First Officer Eddie Lucas asks in the preview of episode 9, titled “When Eddie Met Sally”. This same lady makes a (what looks like witch’s) broom float upright and talks to it.

“Sally, you wanna stand here?” the strange charter guest asks the broom as she places it on a sundeck lounge chair. “Come on girl,” she continues to the broom.

Looking at the list of charter guests joining Co-Primary Charter Guests Chelsea and Michael Gonella, it may be her friend named Larue. Chelsea stands out as a charter guest on Below Deck, too, because she has her jaw wired shut while on the superyacht, due to an icicle accident.

Rachel is Broom Girl on Below Deck

On the preference sheet, Captain Lee Rosbach reads out to his senior crew, there are a few of Chelsea’s friends’ names listed that are visible on camera. Leading Show Star News to believe it was friend Larue, who is a Reiki instructor, but it turns out that Chelsea’s friend and photographer Rachel Lena Esterline.

On top of being a photographer who takes photos of sex workers in San Francisco, she also is a “Wiccan“, a type of witch, according to First Officer Eddie Lucas.

Artist Rachel Lena Esterline’s website also has some of her very provocative and nude photos. She can also be followed on her private Instagram here, and has over 21,000 followers.

Wes May Have A Crush on Broom Girl Charter Guest

“She’s a weirdo,” 2nd Deckhand Fraser Olender says after seeing Chelsea’s friend. It looks like most of the crew is creeped out by the broom antics from charter guest Rachel behaving like a witch. But one crew member seems to have the hots for the guest.

“I feel oddly turned on in a weird way,” says Deckhand Wes O’Dell. Did Broom Girl Rachel cast a love spell on Wes? Maybe it will make him more assertive than in the past.

For most of season 9, Wes has failed miserably trying to make a move on 3rd stew Jessica Albert.

Jessica, saying he has no game, seems to have given up and lost interest. It’s all very similar to Rocky losing interest in Emile from Below Deck season 3.

At one point it looked like Wes got a kiss from Jessica, but it turned out to be nothing more than a little peck on the cheek. The same you would do to relative.

Speaking of Jessica Albert, she quit abruptly from working on the My Seanna after taking a lot of flack from Chief Stew Heather Chase. And speaking of Heather, what is going to happen to her after using a racist slur in last week’s episode?

Make sure to watch Below Deck on Bravo at 9 p.m. EST on Monday.

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