Physical 100’s Lee Jang-Kun: Kabbadi Career, Age, IG, Height & More

Physical 100's Lee Jang-Kun: Kabbadi Career, Age, IG, Height & More

On the Physical 100 season 2 superteam known as the Avengers, kabbadi player Lee Jang-Kun is Hawkeye. Quiet, deadly and disciplined, the kabbadi player has surprised viewers more than once on Physical 100. His greatest feat was powering the entire 30-bag load across the track in one go during Quest 3. He defeated national cheerleading team athlete Choi Won-Jae in the deathmatch and placed an impressive 19th in the running quest. Nominated as a team leader for his prowess, Lee’s team narrowly lost to frontrunner Hong Beom-Seok‘s group in Quest 2. Physical 100’s Lee Jang-Kun made it to the final five in Quest 2.5.  Eventually he lost to legendary wrestler and future Avengers captain Jung Ji-Hyun.

The Avengers have won first place in their group of 3 for Quest #3, so Lee will have to compete in a winner-take-all competition next. Will he face off against an Avengers teammate or two? Will Lee be an unlikely entry to the finals? Only time will tell.

Physical 100‘s Lee Jang-Kun: Kabbadi Medals, Kabaddi Career, Sponsorships, Cast Friendships

Kabaddi player Lee Jang-kun training for his sport

Kabaddi player Lee Jang-kun training for his sport (Instagram).

Known as the Korean King or “India’s BTS”, Lee Jang-Kun is more famous in India than his native Korea. He has been vocal about the lack of support for kabbadi in Korea despite being a multiple medal-holder at the national level. He started playing the sport at the age of 18. Lee has won one bronze at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts games in 2013 before joining the Pro Kabbadi League. He played six seasons for the Bengal Warriors and one for the Patna Pirates. While doing that, he won one silver and one bronze at the 2014 and 2018 Men’s Games, respectively. There was also a bronze medal at the World Cup in 2016. He retired for personal reasons from the sport in 2019.

Kabbadi is a harsh contact sport that requires a lot of speed and endurance. Lee opens up about his experience playing the sport in this sit-down interview, which is subtitled here.  Importantly, the interview is sponsored by Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder. He reveals that he wanted to keep the sport alive and one reason for joining the show was to get exposure for it. He wants to compete against Hong Beom-Seok directly, which might happen in the next episode. He also respects Lee Won-Hee, the Judo Professor, greatly. He’s the most intimidated by Kim Dong-Hyun.

Physical 100‘s Lee Jang-Kun: IG, Age, Marriage, Horoscope, Birthday, Height, Other Sports, Other Shows

Married couple Lee Jang-kun and wife Lee Aeng-ja

Married couple Lee Jang-kun and wife Lee Aeng-ja (Instagram).

The main way Lee interacts with the world is on his Instagram account, with 112,000 followers. He is 31 years old and married to Lee Aeng-Ja since 2022, and he is a secretive Scorpio born on November 6th. Standing at 6 feet tall, Lee has an understated sense of humor and likes to perform stunts like crushing a watermelon between his thighs. He also likes to experiment with other sports, such as badminton, swimming and hiking.

In fact Lee’s willingness to try other sports has gotten him on more than a few TV shows. There’s Let’s Play Soccer 2, where he competed against professional soccer players with other current Physical 100 season 2 players. But he also has tried his hand at wrestling on King of Wrestling, and has even sung under a mask for King Of Mask Singer. Lee Jang-Kun will need to prove there’s nothing he can’t do to make it all the way on the show.

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