Below Deck Med: Meet Charter Guests Diana, Hannah, Amanda & Brett

Charter Guests & Models Brett, Hannah, Amanda, Diana Pose With Eric Costen On Below Deck Med Season 7

Charter guests & models Brett, Hannah, Amanda, Diana Pose with Eric Costen while aboard superyacht Home during filming of Below Deck Med season 7 (Instagram).

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 viewers are trying to figure out the relationship dynamic between the young models and Co-Primary Charter Guests Eric Costen and Jonathan DePaz. Superyacht Home‘s model charter guests Hannah, Diana, Amanda and Brett made quite the impression on viewers for their risqué photoshoots in Malta. On top of that, in the second episode they’re on the show, Below Deck Med fans noticed the four ladies seemed uncomfortable with the older men on the charter, one even leaving straight from dinner to go to bed. Here’s what fans need to know about models Diana, Amanda, Hannah and Brett from Below Deck Med season 7 and how their working relationships with Eric and Jonathan.

“While my actions might have creeped out the viewers, there were other forces at play to explain the girls’ discomfort. None of the gals were paid for the boat trip (though I have paid 3 of them to model on previous trips),” said Eric in response to a previous Show Star News article referencing fans’ interpretation of the ladies’ signs of being uncomfortable around the men while on charter. “Any discomfort observed was most likely due to residual angst from earlier in our trip. We had a great first week in Switzerland but then a communication snafu led to some misunderstandings and instead of continuing to travel together we went our separate ways. The miscommunication had nothing to do with ‘creepy’ behavior but work expectations. We got back together for the boat trip but the residual tension remained.”

Below Deck Med: Meet Charter Guests Diana, Hannah, Amanda & Brett

Below Deck Med Charter Guest Models Diana, Hannah & Brett Are LA Fitness Guru Jonathan’s Clients

Models Diana Le, Hannah Orcutt, Amanda Kelly, and Brett are all fitness clients of Jonathan DePac. Eric also takes fitness training lessons from Jonathan and the two have been best friends for 15 years.

Diana and Hannah are based in Venice Beach, California and are good friends. Diana’s Instagram shows she loves to model, and party at clubs and music festivals. She also loves her pet dog, a Pug.

Venice Beach Model & Charter Guest Diana Enjoying A Trip In Greece

Venice Beach resident and Below Deck Med season 7 charter guest/model Diana Le poses in designer clothes while in Greece (Instagram).

Hannah’s Instagram reveals she loves to travel, model, sun bathe and read. Despite the misunderstanding between the Eric, Jonathan and the models, the ladies still appear to have had a great time on the charter. Hannah’s highlights of their trip in Malta show them having a good time.

Below Deck Med Charter Guests & Model Hannah Poses For The Camera

Below Deck Med season 7 charter guest & model Hannah poses for the camera in Malta (Instagram).

The other two models on the awkward charter are Amanda Kelly and Brett, both based in LA. Captain Sandy at the charter meeting describes Amanda as a professional dominatrix who wanted a BDSM-themed party. Amanda’s Instagram reveals she enjoys modeling in risqué fashion shoots and is professional nude model, too. Amanda’s Twitter promotes her (graphic nudity warning) explicit, subscriber-only content on Amanda’s OnlyFans account. She also goes by the alias Kitten with Fangs.

Below Deck Med Charter Guest Amanda Kelly Wearing More Clothes Than Usual

Charter guest, professional dominatrix and model Amanda Kelly (Instagram).

Amanda is good friends and colleagues with fellow charter guest Brett. Brett’s Instagram uses the alias Goblin Goddess. Brett also models, but in more avant-garde, dark/gothic artistic shoots.

Model & Below Deck Med Charter Guest Brett In A Photoshoot

Model and Below Deck Med season 7 charter guest Brett poses on a motorcycle during a photoshoot (Instagram).

Models Brett, Hannah, Diana & Amanda’s Working Relationship With Eric Costen & Jonathan

Although fans found the relationship between the ladies and the older men, the women still appeared to have a goodtime on the trip. Besides being clients of Jonathan’s fitness training, the ladies also got to stay on a superyacht vacation and get photoshoots done in Malta.

The previous tension in the working relationships between the models and Eric don’t appear to have been resolved. The women haven’t shared anything about the trip on their Instagram accounts since the show started airing.

Despite some fans finding the dynamic “creepy”, the women already knew Eric and Jonathan before going on the trip. They also would’ve got fair warning if they watched Eric, a retired entrepreneur in his early sixties, first appear on the show in Below Deck Mediterranean season 5.

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