Akshay From Indian Matchmaking: All You Need To Know

There’s nothing wrong with being devoted to your work, but some guys take it a bit too far. This was the main issue with Akshay Dhumal, the first bachelor we met on Indian Matchmaking Season 2. He told us all about how women from his relatively small hometown of Nashik wanted to be with men from Mumbai. Sima Aunty agreed with him there, but there was a lot more he could have done to improve his prospects.  Let’s see if there’s more to this chicken-obsessed contestant.

Akshay Has A Need For Speed

Akshay’s socials boast more photos of poultry machinery than you could ever need. However, he seems to have a love of machines that extend beyond work. Photos of fast cars, jets, and motorcycles are everywhere as well.

Akshay’s A Family Man

Like his cast counterpart Pradhyuman, Akshay is the inheritor of a family business. That poultry equipment business he spends so much time thinking about was founded by his father Anil. He’s a doting uncle to his sister Anagha’s two young boys, and has many photos of them playing together. So, any potential wives will know he’s very good with children.

Akshay’s Into Fashion And Fitness

When we first meet him, Akshay self-describes as “a fighter, inside and out.” He has quite a few photos of him at the gym, or switching between traditional Indian wear and Western suits. He seems to have a fondness for the color purple, but can also be found rocking all-white ensembles as well. When working out, he switches to fiery red outfits, reflecting his fighting nature. In one post he talks about pushing through his workouts despite a back injury. And, surprise! Akshay is a fan of classic 90’s WWE professional wrestling.

Akshay’s Prominent Patriotism

Akshay always makes time for Indian festivals and features India’s flag often in his posts. Although he spent quite a bit of time abroad receiving his business degrees in the US, he was never away from the country of his birth for too long. In particular, he obtained his degree from Kelley School of Business in Indiana but also obtained a degree from Savitribai Phule Pune University in Maharashtra.

Akshay’s Travels To Unlikely Locales

An entire wing of Akshay’s Highlights section details his trip to Africa. In other posts, he talks about his trip to Russia– for business, of course. And with Dhumal Industries going international, he’ll be spending even more time abroad.

Spirituality Continues To Be Important for Akshay

During the regular series, we say Akshay recommit to his religious responsibilities. This is after a face reader revealed that he had a broken engagement in his past. This even was causing trouble for his future romantic prospects. Akshay has continued to make spirituality an important theme in his posts. Additionally, he and his family attended a lecture from Guru Sadhguru, a fellow poultry farmer and yoga teacher. And, if you check out Dhumal Industries’ Twitter account, you will see quite a few animated pictures of chickens in yoga poses.

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