Perfect Match’s Damian: Love Is Blind Star’s Jobs, IG & More

Perfect Match's Damian: Love Is Blind Star's Business, IG & More

Perfect Match’s Damian Powers was one of the standout stars of Love Is Blind Season 1.  His tempestuous relationship with Giannina “Gia” Gabelli was messy, emotional, and constantly off and on. The two fought constantly, argued about Damian’s abilities in bed, broke up at the altar and tried dating after. Rumors about Damian’s cheating with Francesca Farago (Too Hot To Handle, Perfect Match) were first denied, then confirmed. True to form, Francesca inserted herself into After The Altar and made herself the star of the show.

Damian seems to be a positive guy with his life very tightly together, specializing in pithy quotes that capture attention. We saw him try to talk hot-blooded Shayne Jansen (Love Is Blind) out of freaking out – no easy task. This happened after Shayne’s then-match, Chloe Veitch (Too Hot To Handle, The Circle) ferked her way back into the arms of her ex, The Circle’s Mitchell Eason. Then, after being dumped by Francesca, he effortlessly lifts the spiraling Ines Tazi (The Circle: France) into his orbit. For whatever reason, the successful businessman and cool customer is attracted to drama and discord in his romantic endeavors. The heart wants what it wants, I guess. With fans praying for a match between Ines and too-nice guy Dom Gabriel (The Mole) , Damian might screw himself out a chance with love altogether. Let’s learn about this creature of the boardroom.

Perfect Match‘s Damian Business, Birthday, Zodiac Soccer Fandom

Damian Powers celebrating his 31st birthday on June 15th

Damian Powers celebrating his 31st birthday on June 15th (Netflix).

Damian’s dual nature can be explained in part by his Gemini birthday of June 15th, 1991. On the one hand, the 31-year old was a food service manager in his teens and  was a general manager and marketing manager before he turned 30. On the other, he got into reality TV after being catfished on Tinder. (So, if you’re wondering whether you should answer that DM, be careful, because they might be a Netflix producer.) The Atlanta native is a fan of the Georgia Revolution soccer team. He also advertises the non-profit Brawl for A Cause, where people step into a boxing ring and fight for the cause of their choice.

Perfect Match‘s Damian IG, Cameo and TikTok, Cars and Other Shows

Damian Powers living the influencer lifestyle hanging out with other semi-famous people

Damian Powers living the influencer lifestyle hanging out with other semi-famous people (Instagram).

Damian’s Instagram, with a very sold 812,000 followers, show him to be a social butterfly. He frequently posts with friends and seems to be close to several cast members from his various shows. This including Shayne and Love Is Blind’s Bartise Bowden. Damian’s TikTok is much less dominant at 56,000 followers. Fitness, Q + A, and videos featuring some mysterious women are the mainstays here. Finally, an inspirational video from Damian’s Cameo will run you under $50. It looks like reality TV isn’t paying all the bills, Damian recently created an OnlyFans account. Francesca also revealed he has “the craziest past ever”. Apparently he previously worked as a car salesman, mechanic, a construction worker, stripper and nail tech. His stripper name was “Magic Mark”.

Damian’s IG has links to several other shows, such as America’s Next Top Model, Challenge MTV, CBS’ Ghosts, and Big Brother CBS. He’s not shy about posting with celebs either, such as Mario Lopez, Strahan Sara and Keke, and Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan. He is a fan of Ferrari automobiles and can be seen driving a black one in one post. In another, he brags about his new black Porsche. However, it seems like his little brother Ahren is the car guy in the family.

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