Bradshaw Bunch Season 1, Episode 1: Three Daughters, Three Problems

In recap of Season 1, Episode 1 of the Bradshaw Bunch, we see that football legend Terry Bradshaw‘s heart is bigger than his brain, but the big man makes gains despite himself.

Season 1, Episode 1: “Three Daughters, Three Problems”

Eldest daughter Rachel grieves her husband. Dad tries to jumpstart her real estate career by putting up bench ads all over town inviting buyers to “seal the deal” with her. Rachel is obviously worried that potential male buyers will be interested in making offers on her, not on any property she’s trying to sell. This leads wife Tammy to try and set her hubby straight, but it takes a few tries before it sinks in for Terry.

Middle daughter Lacey wants talented chef husband Noah to move to Texas full time from Hawaii. Noah is reluctant, because the more you talk about it, the less interested he is in it. but Terry’s secret weapon is Noah and Lacey’s precocious seven-year-old daughter Zurie. Terry is at his best when he’s surrounded by a strong team of family members. It’s when he does an end-zone run all by himself that things get out of hand.

Youngest child Erin hasn’t told dad about her breast enhancement. First, he tries getting Erin into her element, out on the range with the horses she loves so much. When that doesn’t work, Terry tries a pool party ploy in frigid weather, on the off chance that Erin will disrobe and discuss her new assets with the family. When this oddball play doesn’t uncover the truth, good old fashioned listening helps Erin open up.

Season 1, Episode 1 of the Bradshaw Bunch is mostly an introduction to the family and focuses on the way they’ve grown used to Terry’s wild behavior and constant foot-in-mouth disorder. Keep an eye on little Zurie, who is the one to break the true meaning of “seal the deal” to her Pappy in a standout moment.

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