Love Is Blind Cuties Story: Season 3 Reunion Scene Explained

Love Is Blind Cuties Story: Season 3 Reunion Scene Explained

Love Is Blind season 3‘s “Cuties Story” aired at the end of the reunion episode and blew the minds of fans. In an instant, the tangerine scene transformed Zanab Jaffrey from victim to villain in the eyes of viewers. Before that, her fiancé Cole Barnett did a pretty good job vilifying himself. He told Zanab she was a nine while ballerina Colleen Reed and Pilates instructor Raven Ross were tens. He then hit on Colleen at the Malibu ranch party. To top it off, he questioned Zanab if she’s bipolar after they had an argument. However, the Love is Blind Cuties Story shows us that there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to reality TV shows.

Fans know parts of Love Is Blind are obviously scripted and edited, but they’d like to think what’s aired on the show portrays cast members accurately. The Cuties scene at the end of the reunion episode proves that perception is reality. Only about ten hours of footage is shown of the five couples filmed for two months. A lot gets left on the cutting room floor of the editors’ room.

Love Is Blind Cuties Scene Shows Cole’s Innocence From Zanab’s Reunion Attacks

Zanab & Cole In the Love Is Blind Cuties Story Scene

Love Is Blind star Zanab looks at Cole with disdain after he asks her if she is going to eat two Cuties before a big dinner (Netflix).

The Love Is Blind season 3 tangerine scene shocked viewers around the world.

Throughout the reunion Zanab accused Cole of being emotionally and mentally abusive with his words. She said he constantly brought up her weight and what she should eat. When Cole acted shocked by what he found to be complete lies, she cited him asking if she was going to eat two Cuties (like mini oranges called mandarins) before a big dinner. Cole confidently pleaded on the reunion for producers to show the alleged footage, suggesting he knew her claim was bogus.

After Cole broke down in tears near the end of the reunion episode, after Zanab and the other ladies from the show ganged up on him, the show producers obliged his request.

At the beginning of the scene, Cole is like a gleeful puppy, planning to have a reception with Zanab’s family overseas after their rushed reality TV wedding. Zanab is barely listening and looks annoyed with Cole’s presence and excitement. She explains that it would be a “world tour” to bring everyone together. But she missed hearing Cole said they would go to her family. It turns out the couple could go to a town in the UK where most of Zanab’s relatives from her mom’s side live, but she wasn’t listening to Cole’s idea. “You just talk a lot of Cole,” Zanab says in a dismissive tone to explain why she doesn’t listen to him.

Cole Innocently Asked Zanab About Eating Two Cuties Because They Had Big Dinner Planned

Around the time Cole realizes she wasn’t listening to him, she begins eating cherries. She then starts peeling a couple of Cuties. Cole, with a completely innocent tone, asks if she is going to eat two, concerned she’ll ruin her appetite for a big dinner out they planned for that evening. “I’ve only had a banana and a scoop of peanut butter today.”

Cole, perplexed, asks why and then adds that he offered his poke bowl earlier. She plays coy with Cole and doesn’t explain why she’s not eating. But she says “something like that” when Cole asks if it’s to fit in her wedding dress.

On the season finale, Zanab rejected Cole at the altar and accused him of singlehandedly destroying her self-esteem. The onslaught of vague, but very serious, allegations continued on the reunion episode. Fans dragged Zanab for bashing Cole and giving a fake apology afterwards. Over the past week, Zanab continues to accuse Cole of being an abusive liar. She hasn’t apologized at all or addressed fans anger at the Cuties scene.

Now, Zanab’s TikTok shows she’s embracing her villain label from fans.  

Love Is Blind Fans Drag Zanab For Cuties Story On Reddit, Instagram & Twitter

Fans for days dissed Zanab for her tall tale about how mean Cole was and the juxtaposition of the Cuties scene.

“What struck me about this scene is Cole that spent the entire first few minutes talking about HER family and how they can plan a wedding in the UK that includes everyone on her side. She just looks irritated by this, and says ‘it’s always the Cole show.’ Then he simply suggests not to eat the tangerines because they’re gonna have a massive dinner later,” said a Reddit Love is Blind fan.

Zanab turned off her Instagram comments after she got hundreds of fans trashing her for trying to destroy Cole’s reputation. Although the tangerine scene absolved Cole, it’s unclear if the whole thing was staged as an elaborate product placement for Cuties.

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