Chris From Dated & Related: Age, Job, Relationship Status, More

Chris From Dated And Related: Age, Job, IG, TikTok, Birthday

Chris Hahn From Dated And Related should’ve had the ladies swooning in the southern France villa. He looks like a twin to actor James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek. However, his over 80 previous partners being disclosed didn’t help attract the ladies, no matter how much he tried his game as a player. Chris’s cousin Jason Cohen also didn’t have any luck, but they were two cast members at least with some personality. The pair tried their best to hit on Parsijani twins Nina and Diana, but the Iranian beauties weren’t buying what they were selling. Here’s everything you need to know about Jersey boy Chris, including his job, age, birthday, Instagram, TikTok, relationship status and more.

Chris Is An Aspiring Model & Actor, Works As An Teaching Instructor & Server

Like a lot of the cast on Dated And Related, Chris is an aspiring model and actor currently living in LA. He also worked as a teaching instructor and server before his big break on the Netflix reality TV show.

Chis is also a very talented surfer and skateboarder in his spare time.

Dated And Related Star Chris’s Instagram & TikTok Make It Clear He’s Single

Chris’s Instagram doesn’t show any signs the Dated And Related star is in a relationship. However, he did recently post a couple of pictures of him and co-star Corrina Roppo. However, it’s doubtful the Casanova is dating the self-proclaimed virgin saving herself for marriage, although that would be poetic.

The pair have been spending a lot of time in LA with co-stars Joey, Jason, Julia and Daniel.

Meanwhile, Chris’s TikTok suggests he may not be over an ex girlfriend who apparently still lurks, looking at all his new Instagram stories.

Chris also is a world traveler, touring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany and Nicaragua.

Chris Hahn’s Age, Birthday & Zodiac Sign

The Dawson Creek look-a-like Chris is age 28, so one year older than his cousin Jason. His birthday is April 3. That makes Chris a rational Aries.

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